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Formal season is a time for endless Instagrams, finding the perfect dress and date, and getting ready for a fun night with your best friends. Although the event itself is a blast, those us ofwho have been to a formal know getting ready is beyond stressful. Whether you’re going to your first formal or have trouble managing your time, here’s a schedule for you to follow onformal day.

9:30 am

Set your alarm early, but not too early. You want to get enough sleep and avoid those undereye bags, but there’s a lot of prepping coming your way!

10:00 am 

Finally get out of bed and jump in the shower. Don’t forget to shave your legs because we all know you probably haven’t in weeks.

11:00 am

Make a nice brunch! Get some caffeine and lots of water in your system. Make sure you have all the necessities for the night like a sticky bra, so you have time to run into town ifneeded.

12:00 pm

Try on your dress and shoes to make sure everything still fits and that you still like your outfit. This will help you avoid extreme panic one hour before formal if you need to find abackup dress.

1:00 pm

Text your date if you haven’t already. You want to make sure you still have one and that everything is on track. No one wants to beg anyone the day of formal to find a date.

2:00 pm

Now that you know you have a date you can start the getting ready process. Paint your nails and put a white strip on your teeth.

4:30 pm 

This is the perfect time to eat something light. You don’t want to eat too much because the formal venue hopefully has food and you don’t want to be bloated right before you takepictures in your dress.

6:00 pm 

Start doing your hair. I know its early, but you aren’t going to like it the first time around or probably the second. So you’ll have plenty of time to fix it to how you like it.

6:30 pm 

Makeup time! Don’t forget to make sure your color scheme goes well with your makeup and to use setting spray (major key).

7:30 pm 

Put on your dress and reapply deodorant. Lotion your legs and make sure you didn’t miss any patches while shaving.

8:00 pm 

Hopefully by this time your date is coming to get you soon or already has. Don’t forget to grab lipstick and some gum.

9:00 pm 

Dance the night away, laugh your heart out, take lots of candids, and try to remember your shoes before you hop back on the bus.

Hopefully this guide can help those going to formal in the upcoming weeks. No matter what happens, remember to have fun and appreciate your night. You only have these next few yearsto enjoy formal season!


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Marissa Zink and is currently a sophomore at the University of Maine! She is a Child Development major with a minor in Legal Studies and hopes to go to law school in the future. Marissa is a proud sister of Alpha Phi and loves to hike, read, and drink coffee!
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