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Fraternity Friday: Caulin Parker of Beta Theta Pi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

This Fraternity Friday, we will be showcasing Caulin Parker, a brother of Beta Theta Pi (Beta). Caulin is a Junior at the University of Maine and is working towards completing his double degree in Accounting and Finance. 

Like many others who come to the University of Maine, Caulin never thought about joining greek life upon his arrival to campus. Caulin actually started his academic and collegiate journey at Thomas College, a private business school located in Waterville, Maine. He had debated whether or not he should attend the University of Maine directly out of high school, but he later made the choice to commit to Thomas College so that he could pursue his passion for playing basketball. At the time, Caulin didn’t know he would be transferring schools and that this transfer would be to the University of Maine in the spring of his sophomore year. He was actually already familiar with the campus because his brother had previously attended the university and not only was his brother alumni, he was also a brother of the Beta chapter here.

Although he was a legacy at Beta because of his brother, that wasn’t enough to solidify and seal the deal on his entry into Fraternity life. Instead, he decided to attend various rush events but ultimately, it was Beta that he was keeping on his radar. He says that it was the diverse group of men that made Caulin say yes stating, “Everyone in Beta brings something unique, nobody is the same.” In accepting Beta’s bid, it was there he was able to find his home away from home that eased his transfer from Thomas College. The brotherhood within Beta is not only for four years which is evidenced by alumni who are often seen around the house and it is there Caulin spends the majority of his time being motivated by his fellow brothers, both current and former, to succeed. 

Beta Theta Pi strives to live by its five core values: mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct, and integrity. First, mutual assistance is the belief that men are obligated to serve each other in succeeding in their aspirations. This value is close to Caulin’s heart as he believes it is the most valuable quality one could possess and one that he has seen often demonstrated in the dynamics of the brotherhood around the house. Truthfully, to put it simply, this value comes down to everyone having each other’s backs. Secondly, intellectual growth is the devotion to academics and high standards. Caulin also has personal experience with this value because in the Beta house there are set times where brothers will study and be available for each other so that they can be used as academic resources if needed. Caulin feels that the focus on academics has allowed him to better his success in his academic career affirming that “No matter what you do [in the chapter], it is always grades first.” Thirdly, trust is the trait of being truthful with oneself and others and finding total faith in each other. Next, responsible conduct is the act of thinking of the impact your action(s) will have on not only yourself but others as well, prior to making any decision. Lastly, integrity is the ability to do what is morally right while holding those around you accountable as well. Beta enforces their values through their philanthropy: Bangor Rape Response Servies. To raise funds for their philanthropy, each year the chapter holds an annual “sleepout” event where the whole fraternity camps out for the entire night. Although this is just one of their philanthropic efforts, it is contributions like these that make it possible for those who have experienced sexual assault to get a variety of resources regardless of means and without financial restrictions.  

Finally, “to develop men of principle” is Beta’s motto and since joining last semester, Caulin can already see his path of success in the chapter beginning to form. In terms of aims to join the executive board, he has future aspirations of being involved in recruitment and helping other men find their place in Beta on this marvelous campus. He feels as though the chapter has given him a lot in the short time he has been with them and he hopes to give that back within his next coming semesters, especially with aiding the new pledge classes because he feels as though he could do a lot there. Beta’s chapter motto is one that strikes home with Caulin, “the best is good enough for us,” which to him is referencing the pure determination to strive for nothing but the best in life and the idea that the future is now and slacking off is not the answer. Caulin is a clear example of the impact current brothers and alumni play in the new pledge classes as they share the same goal of bettering the chapter as a whole as the men within it continue to grow academically, professionally and personally. 

Her Campus would like to thank Caulin for everything that both he and his chapter have done and continue to do for our campus community. Through this interview, I was able to truly capture the scholarly brotherhood that is Beta Theta Pi and the efforts they make within their chapter and on our campus! 




Haley is a student a the University of Maine studying Child Development and Family Relations. Some of Haley's favorite things are music, skincare, and exercising.