The Feelings You Get After Finishing Your Last Final of the Semester

Post Traumatic Schedule Dilemma

Finals week PTSD is such a thing. You have spent countless nights in the library, received minimal nutrients throughout the week, and now that you’re officially done you cannot shake the feeling that you’ve forgotten an assignment or missed a final. This looming fear can eat you alive and force you to triple check your Lilly planner.


The Sigh of Relief

For once in four months, you have literally nothing to do. You finally “X” out of the Blackboard tab on your laptop, all of your papers that you tirelessly typed, and that stupid website you had to use for your online class. The sun seems to shine a little brighter, the sky looks a little bluer, and you finally have time to enjoy your latte instead of chugging it.


Best Nap Ever

College kids never hit their pillows harder than after finals week. A weekend of frat parties and bar hopping cannot compare to the exhaustion that is caused by learning a semester’s worth of material for five different classes in the course of one single week. I think one time during finals week I literally felt my brain yawn. It’s possible, trust me. The nap that comes after a college student’s last final exam is comparable to the slumber of a black bear during hibernation.


Home Again, Home Again

I think there is a sensor that goes off in my Mom’s brain when I let her know that I’m on my way home for Winter Break. When I pull into the driveway, I can count on there being my favorite dinner cooking on the stove, my bed being made up to a five-star-hotel’s standards, and open arms waiting for me when I walk through the door. Even if your family drives you as crazy as mine can, coming home to your family for the Holidays is definitely one of the best feelings you can have after finishing finals week. Congrats college kids, we did it. See you again next semester. HCXO


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