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DIY: Holiday Wreath

Here is a step-by-step list to making your very own holiday wreath.


1. Gather materials

You will need clippers, a basket for gathering fir tree tips, wire and at least one metal ring for a wreath. I used 22 gauge green painted floral wire and a ring that was 12 inches in diameter which makes a standard-sized wreath. You can get the wreath rings and wire at any craft store. To prepare, cut many small pieces of wire to use later for wrapping the branches.



2. Tipping

First, you need to gather the tips for the wreath.  You need to use fir trees which have flatter branches and needles than other evergreen trees. Using clippers, cut off just the tips of the branches, which should be about 8 inches long, depending on the tree.  Gather about 50-60 of these tips.





3. Assemble the wreath

Pick three tips out of the basket of tips.  Layer them one on top of another with the front sides facing all the same way.  Holding them tightly together, grab the wreath ring.  Take one of the wire pieces and place the bunch of three onto the wreath ring where you want to start the circle.  Place the bunch of tips slightly facing outward from the ring, not directly up.  Then, wrap the wire piece around the bottom of the tips so that they fasten to the wreath ring.  Wrap tightly, giving the wire tension and wrap upwards on the bottom so that they stay on.


Repeat this process until tips line the whole circle of the ring.


4. Assemble the other side

This step is optional, but without doing both sides, the wreath will not look three-dimensional. Turn over the wreath ring and repeat what you did on the first side.  Keep in mind that this time you will have to feed the wire through the branches behind it to fasten the tips to the ring.  Make sure to find a spot to place the bunch of tips where other wire is not already wrapped on the ring. 



5. Finishing touches

Attach a bow to the wreath using wires.  Then, attach a wire loop to the top so that the wreath can hang.  You are done! Happy holidays!

Chloe is a fourth-year Mass Communication major at the University of Maine. She is the Editor-in-Chief/Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UMaine. She is also contributing editor for Odyssey UMaine. Check out her blog at https://cdyer.bangordailynews.com/. She is passionate about writing, and in her free time enjoys reading, traveling and blogging.
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