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Dear Society: Stop Judging My Skinny Jeans!

Hi society, it’s ya girl Logan. I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting a little tired of your attitude. You’re trying to push for a world where women can feel confident in whatever style they want, which I LOVE, but why not keep it consistent? If you really mean that, then stop saying there are trends that are “out.” That’s simply sad. By doing this, you’re still managing to damage the self-esteem of women. For example, I’m absolutely obsessed with skinny jeans. I always have been and I always will be. Once the “mom jean” trend started up, I saw many online forums saying that skinny jeans are officially out. I simply refuse to listen to them. At first, I thought I should get rid of my skinny jeans because I might not look cute and trendy. I had to remember that I am the one who determines that, not anyone else. 

I’ve seen many online articles and TikToks about what’s “cheugy” a.k.a. OUT. You know what I think is “cheugy”? I’ll give you an example: making people feel bad for what they like by being judgemental! Unfortunately, you are being “cheugy” in my eyes. Fashion should be just as creative as artwork, allowing artists the ability to experiment with many creative ideas.

Even popular fashion brands like Garage have had enough of the skinny jean craze. If you take a look at the cute page I just hyperlinked, you can see the rather “wide” selection of “wide” legged jeans, and the “skinny” selection of “skinny” jeans. I understand that fashion brands want to introduce new and different trends, but why make it so that other fashion staples vanish into thin air? Now that I’m thinking back to other fashion trends, I am remembering this same exact thing happening with leggings. In middle school, I remember feeling sad because all of the “popular” girls had leggings and white converse. I just wore jeans and flats, and went on my merry way. I remember always feeling a little out of place, thinking that I had to wear those to feel super cool. 

Am I the only one who feels this way? Maybe I am, but we have to stop making people feel bad about what they choose to wear to best express themselves. Not only does it damage people’s self esteem, but it also quite literally damages the planet. The more trends that develop, the more that people will want to be a part of them. The more we purchase from these brands, the more it’s going to damage our environment! The fashion industry produces 20% of global water waste from textile dyeing. Buying into new trends also leads to clothing waste as we constantly search for the next popular piece of clothing. Along with the direct environmental impact, it’s important to realize the impact on people as well. Fast fashion increases the amount of time in which people work in unsafe conditions such as sweatshops. If we want to work to make our planet a better place, we need to stop these harsh trends.

Clothes are so much fun! I love to come up with fun outfits, don’t get me wrong. I’ve definitely been investing more of my time into purchasing clothes from thrift stores. I’ve also been working on my self-confidence so I can stop worrying about what others think of my clothes. Yes, I like to wear high heels frequently! Sometimes the clicking noises are awkward, but I like to wear them, so WHATEVER. I also wear skinny jeans a lot. Society, please just learn to deal with it.



Logan Swift

U Maine '23

Logan is a rising third-year student attending the University of Maine! She is a Her Campus editorial intern and the president of the Her Campus UMaine chapter. Outside of Her Campus, she loves photography, fitness, and playing some good 'ol Animal Crossing.
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