Dear Fast Fashion

Dear Fast Fashion, we are never EVER getting back together. It’s not me, it’s you and your unsustainability. After many years of mall trips to get the next best crop top, I am finally breaking off from fast fashion retailers. My relationship with clothes began in middle school when everyone started to go through puberty and looks were becoming more apparent and important to our teenage minds. The elementary school attire of Justice and Aéropostale were not going to cut it anymore. Glittered t-shirts with little embellishments and bright colors didn’t vibe well with everyone wearing a half zip crew neck, Victoria’s Secret boot cut leggings, and a pair of UGG’s they got for Christmas the prior year.

The environmentalists have come to clean the mess made by want-to-be Instagram influencers because they have been supporting the mainstream brands. Talks of climate issues and climate strikes have voiced up on the problems of fast fashion. Sorry to tell you, but the metal straw you bought for $20 isn’t going to save the planet; however not shopping at brands like ZARA and H&M just might. By ending the trend of fast fashion, factories will not be mass producing clothes that just create waste and unsafe working conditions.

The end of fast fashion is slowly upon us, especially considering the recent bankruptcy Forever 21 just filed. Forever 21 is known for making trendy clothes and always changing with current styles whether it was sweatshirts with tacos on it or neon, zebra print pants. The quality was never good, sheer tights have more coverage than Forever 21’s five-dollar leggings. The move from fast fashion to sustainability does weigh more on your wallet but if you buy pieces that you like you will be more satisfied in clothing that will last you beyond the niche trend of that time. Companies are looking to be more sustainable and socially conscious of where and how they make their clothes. Brands like Reformation and Outdoor Voices are up and coming brands that focus on their products and consumers rather than just pushing out clothes to make money. The Fashion Nova and SHEIN type of brands have flourished due to the rise of influencers and YouTube, but with this quick rise comes a quick fall. They don’t care about quality or if they are being environmentally conscious; they just want you to buy the biker shorts and checkered tube tops that cost them three dollars to make. No one needs the same dress that Kylie Jenner wore. You will never wear a neon pink cutout bondage dress. I’ll never forget those rings that stained my fingers green, the long necklaces with owls on them, the maxi skirts, crop tops with crosses on them, or high knee socks. Thank you for all the memories fast fashion, and although I will never forget you I can say you will never EVER be missed.