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Campus Cutie: Brice William O’Conner

Name: Brice William O’Connor

Nickname: OC

Major: Business

Hometown: Londonderry, NH

Sign: Taurus

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: Country Music, Hockey, Golfing, Infinite Fitness Night Crew, hanging with friends, 

What he looks for in a girl: Someone who is athletic, can handle themselves in any situation, likes to have fun and be loud but has a quiet side too. 

Boxers or Briefs: Briefs

Favorite thing about UMaine: UMaine Hockey

Fun Fact: My friends tell me I live in a dream world because I come up with the craziest ideas and think anything’s possible.

What you want girls to know about you: I never kiss and tell


Deal Breakers for a girl: Calling me dude

Celebrity crush: Carrie Underwood

Favorite Beer: I like Whiskey 

Best thing he did this summer: Weekend trip to New York City with my friends

What are you going to be for Halloween? The Red Power Ranger 

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