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Campus Celebrity: #UMAINEPROBLEMS

If you are a UMaine student and you have not already jumped on the twitter bandwagon, then this might give you a reason to do so….ASAP. This mystery celeb started tweeting on August 21st and has been keeping us laughing ever since. With UMaine insider jokes and inclusion of all types of people from hockey to football players, from freshman to fashion- these tweets are hilariously honest.

Here are a few of our favorite tweets:

  1. Packing! throwing in my 65 pairs of leggings and shirts that are supposed to be dresses for the weekend, and I’m good to go!#umaineproblems


  1. I think I’ll go to the Maine Mall today and aggressively look for parking spots, just to get mentally prepared for Monday.#umaineproblems


  1. The wait at Johnnys is so annoying. I’m hungover and want hashbrowns, not to have to share a table with randos I don’t know. #umaineproblems


  1. I can’t believe this! There are 15 other girls in my class wearing the same Forever21 dress. I thought I called that outfit! #umaineproblems


  1. I hate you, FirstClass. #umaineproblems

If you can’t relate to at least one of these tweets than I am shocked. So now we want to give a big thanks to UMaineProblems for supplying us with some humor to survive the first week back! 

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