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Campus Celebrity: Bananas

In honor of the University of Maine’s 150th birthday, this week’s Campus Celebrity is our mascot, Bananas the Bear! According to the university, the Black Bear became UMaine’s mascot over 100 years ago, when a live bear cub was given to the university by the Old Town chief of police in 1914. In the 1960s, the practice of using live mascots was outlawed by Maine State Court, and the university switched to a human mascot.

Bananas mascot costumes from the ’80s and ’90s


Since the use of human mascots began, there have been seven different mascot costumes, including the one that is currently in use. Five of the costumes are currently on display in the new Spirit Room in the Memorial Union. Members of the Alpha Delta National Fraternity bring Bananas the Bear to life at athletic events and other school functions. 

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