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Brandify and Dossier: Luxury Without The Prices

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

While the quality of high-end makeup and perfume brands seem to be worth the money, it’s not cost-effective for those on a tight budget. Tons of drugstore brands have dupes for less than the full cost of high-end brands. Because of names like Dior, Makeup by Mario, Charlotte Tilbury, and Giorgio Armani, you are led to believe that these brands are the best quality and are formulated and created ethically (which is not always the case). The first thing that comes to mind with huge name brands like those mentioned above is their cost.

If you do not know where to start your makeup dupe journey, there’s an app with great recommendations for dupes and where to shop for them. The app Brandefy has taken off in 2023 and since its discovery, it’s saving makeup users tons of time and money.

 Brandefy is an app for those who want to have the luxurious look but at a fraction of the cost. Brandefy posts their comparisons on their Instagram as well, but the app itself has thousands of comparisons for you to look at. Think of this- You can also shop for your favorite products right from the app. 

To get started with using the Brandefy app follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app to your phone
  2. Create a login
  3. Select your favorite luxury brands (makeup, skincare, hair care, etc.)
  4. Set your preferences for notifications

From there you’ll be able to look at comparisons for your everyday essentials and even find new products to integrate into your self-care routines. Brandefy sends you notifications through the app and by email.

If you’re on the hunt for luxuriously scented perfumes from high-end brands, Dossier (pronounced  “dAH – sEE – ay”) is the place to go and they believe that “everyone deserves to smell like luxury”. Dossier curates their own perfume scents for men, and women, and has a section dedicated to unisex scents. All the scents curated are colorant, UV filter-free, vegan cruelty-free,paraben,and phthalate-free.

Their mission statement says that Dossier was started “out of a desire to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone” and that it “became impossible for us to turn a blind eye to the price markups traditionally seen in the industry.” 

The company realized that with these scents being marked up because of endorsements by celebrities and outrageous prices for packaging, “they were being sold for way more than they cost to make.”

On their website, they have various scents that mimic Tom Ford, Creed, Baccarat Rouge 540, and Le Labo. Prices start as low as $19 and go as high as $59. The website also has the retail price for the original high-end perfume. If you happen to want a scent similar, at the bottom of the website, they recommend other scents that closely match.

Their perfumes come in these sleek yet simple glass bottles with a silver cap and a simple label. Each label has the name of the perfume and has the scent bases, so you know exactly what scent you are getting. 

The Dossier website also has candles for purchases as well, some that mimic their perfume scents for women and men, as well as one unisex scent. Those candles are dupes for perfumes and colognes like Dior’s Sauvage, YSL’s Black Opium, and Le Labo Fragrances Rose 31.

I'm a graduating senior studying journalism & media studies. I love to write op-eds and personal essays. I'm an aspiring sports writer wanting to focus on women in sports and issues within.