Best Restaurants Near UMaine

Ever feeling in need of a bite, but don’t wanna stay on campus? I took the time to survey students at UMaine to ask what their absolute favorite places are to eat off campus! These are some of the results I had gathered, along with some general info!

1. Family Dog

The Family Dog is the ultimate local restaurant to get a tasty hot dog or burger! All of their options are affordable, which is perfect for college students. They also have a lovely terrace overlooking the town and they serve alcohol for those of you who are over 21.

2. Oriental Jade

Oriental Jade is a Chinese restaurant in Bangor and is a local favorite! They have affordable options as well, you get can a whole Pu Pu platter that feeds three to four people for just $25. Definitely worth the drive to Bangor!

3. Harvest Moon

Harvest moon is known as one of the top places to get a good deli sandwich. They have a location in Orono and in Bangor. They have a whole menu of sandwich options, but you can also build your own. Plus, they have delivery from 11am-7pm everyday!

4. Orono House of Pizza (OHOP)

OHOP is known as Orono’s staple pizza place and is the place to go for pizza or a calzone. I can attest to this, their mac and cheese pizza is certainly one of my favorites!

5. Nest

Looking for a cute cafe? Look no further! Nest is one of the top rated places around campus because of its environment and food! They offer coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and smoothies.