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Whether you’ve stumbled across crystals because of your birthstone or TikTok, there is no doubt that these magical stones have a rich history and amazing properties. With that being said, there are so many to choose from! Even if you manage to narrow down your options to just a few, what do you do with them? As an avid crystal user, I chose a few of the essential stones to work into your everyday life, as well as tips on how to cleanse them and incorporate them into your space and routine. 


Where to start: Below are a few select crystals that are MUST HAVES in your collection. Of course, there are many other options, but this is a great place to start. 

    Clear Quartz: Not only do the natural properties of this crystal include healing, balance, and clarity, but it can also be used as a ‘master’ stone in order to replace the properties of another. Use for: memory, concentration, clarity.

    Rose Quartz: In the quartz family, this stone is recognized for having properties of universal love. Whether it's manifesting better relationships with yourself, your family, or your friends, rose quartz positively impacts the physical, mental, and metaphysical links of its user. Use for: love, joy, emotional healing. 

    Amethyst: As a grounding and balancing stone, amethyst is thought to have physical and emotional healing properties that can be traced back to Greek mythology. A few of these effects include, but are not limited to, helping with migraines, promoting deeper sleep, and sparking emotional recovery. Use for: comfort, intuition, harmony.

    Citrine: Referred to as the sunshine stone, citrine warms your space as well as your body and mind. Embodying summer, this is a great crystal to promote motivation and energy without disrupting the balance in your life! Use for: optimism, clarity, confidence.

    Labradorite: Known for its healing properties, labradorite also utilizes powers of grace and beauty. This is a great stone for transformations, as it stimulates mental clarity and restores emotional energy. Use for: creativity, mysticism, courage.


How to cleanse: Cleansing is an extremely important habit for crystal users because it embeds your intentions within them while simultaneously ridding them of any negative energies. Do this at least once a month and whenever you get new crystals.

    Light: Leave your crystal in direct sun or moonlight for at least four hours(make sure your crystal won’t be harmed by the light - a quick search will tell you whether or not it will be harmful).

    Sound: This works for all crystals and all you need is your phone - play a video or playlist that includes a singing bowl, bell, or chime. You can also use your own voice while reciting a prayer or mantra for a minimum of five minutes.

    Smoke: While using herbs, candles, or incense of your choice(my favorite is sage or lavender), cleanse from your head to your toes with the smoke, as well as the four corners of the room you are using. Then, gently pass your crystals through the smoke while reciting affirmations or intentions. Smudging, or using smoke as a cleansing mechanism, is also suitable for all crystals. *Only do this form of cleansing safely and thoughtfully since there is smoke and fire involved*

    Earth: Specifically for those with strong connections to nature, this form of cleansing is simple and accessible. Place your crystals outside in the sunlight, bury them in dry soil, or place them in freshwater(not suitable for every crystal) for at least an hour.


How to use them: Great, now you know what crystals to start out with and how to cleanse them! The only thing left to know is how to use them. Below are just a few ways to work with them everyday.

    Wear them: Place crystals in your bags, pockets, or even wear them as jewelry for the simplest ways to feel their effects. This is my personal favorite way to work with them.

    Meditate with them: Sitting with your crystals for a few minutes and focusing on your intentions is another great and simple way to use them. 

    Create an altar: Set aside a specific place to hold your crystals and any other sacred objects and use it as a place to set your intentions, reflect, and meditate. This is a more advanced and time consuming way to work with crystals, but still another great option!


Claire Shaw

U Maine '23

Claire is currently a fourth-year honors student with a political science major and a legal studies minor attending the University of Maine. Born and raised on Mount Desert Island, Maine, she loves the outdoors as well as being involved in her community. She also enjoys singing, reading, and playing disc golf!
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