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Bachelorette Week One: COVID, Cocktail Parties, and Rose Ceremonies

During this crazy year, it is only fitting that ABC’s hit show, The Bacheloretteis experiencing unprecedented events. Filming of the show was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but luckily, the season premiere was last Tuesday, October 13th.

The episode opened with Chris Harrison, the beloved host of all the Bachelor Nation shows, explaining that due to unusual circumstances the show was delayed and will run differently this year. The contestants and Clare will not be traveling while trying to find love, rather staying at La Quinta, a hotel in California. Everyone who is appearing on the show was tested and quarantined until they were able to get their test results back. Once these steps were completed, the show was up and running again!. 

 Immediately, highlight reels are shown from upcoming moments in the season. Dale Moss appears a lot, and so does a clip of Clare uttering “I just met my husband” on the very first night. Because so much information has already been leaked online about Clare and Dale falling in love, it seems ABC decided to address this right out of the gates. There was also a clip shown several times where Chris Harrison tells Clare she’s “blown up” The Bachelorette. Fans are left wondering if she will leave the show for Dale and what the next steps will be. The men threaten to leave the show in the season previews, but it is rumored that the new bachelorette will be Tayshia Adams, previously dating the infamous John Paul Jones on Bachelor in Paradise. That means the show will still go on despite Clare finding love. 

What is admirable about Clare is that she knows what she wants and she is very confident in herself. Ever since Dale stepped out of the limo, she knew that they were right for one another. I would like to believe that this is love at first sight, but some fans speculate that the couple was in contact during quarantine, even though neither of them admits to that. Clare was so certain Dale was the man for her that she told Chris Harrison that she had met her husband, even going as far as to award Dale the first impression rose to seal the deal. 

The only other man who appeared to be in the running was Blake, the first man Clare kissed this season and the only man that she says she spoke to before filming. Blake had sent Clare a DM asking how she was doing after her mother, who lives in an assisted living home, fell and broke her nose. Clare was touched by his compassion and the pair hit it off! With Dale in the picture though, it doesn’t seem like Blake has much of a chance. 

    Unfortunately at the cocktail party, there was some drama between Tyler C. and Yosef. Tyler C. accused Yosef of using Instagram to DM women before coming on the show. The two have a chat about the accusations, but when Clare gets involved, she is annoyed by the petty drama. She feels the men are wasting her time. 

    Ultimately this led to Tyler C. going home at the rose ceremony. Also sent home were AJ, Chris, Jeremy, Jordan M., Mike, Page, and Robby. The season started with 31 men and was swiftly narrowed down to 23 with Dale being the leading contender. Hopefully next week, fans will see what becomes of Dale and Clare and understand what Tayshia’s role will be this season.

Don’t forget to tune into The Bachelorette on ABC on Tuesday at 8 p.m. or on Hulu the next day!

Megan Ashe

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