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Bachelorette Week 3: It’s the Dale and Clare Show

 This episode opens with a cocktail party, as the last episode ended with a cliffhanger. Yosef was feeling feisty midway through the cocktail party, as he felt that Clare was neglecting him for other men, namely Dale. In a moment of anger, he lashes out-“I’m not gonna back down from anyone, including the Bachelorette” He ends up stealing Clare from Jordan and asks to have a chance to explain his actions before she makes any assumptions. 

“There have been a couple of red flags”, Yosef said. He stated that on the group date he was concerned when Clare said, “You guys are here for me”. He feels that his time is not being valued and that his time on the show takes time away from his four-year-old daughter, who he calls “the light of his life” in his profile on the Bachelorette website. Yosef was “absolutely appalled” with the strip dodgeball date and found it humiliating and degrading.  He would not cross that line and he does not want to expose himself on national TV, a sentiment shared by some of the other men. “I expect a lot more from the oldest bachelorette that has ever been”, said Yosef. “I am ashamed to be associated with you”. 

Dale sweeps in heroically to comfort Clare after she sends Yosef home in the limo. He said that this experience can help her learn what she doesn’t want in her future husband. Clare, with hearts in her eyes, said,  “All I have ever wanted is a man like Dale who will come over and protect me.” 

We then cut to Chris Harrison coming in to talk to Clare. He learns that Clare is already in love with Dale and that she is very happy. They do not discuss it further, building tension for the audience. Clare decides to cancel the cocktail party, but the rose ceremony went on that night despite this. 

Due to the chaos surrounding the cancellation of the cocktail party and Yosef’s explosive send-off, everyone got a date. The next day Leanne, one of the producers, came to talk to Clare. Clare canceled the day date in lieu of an extended cocktail party, which was super deflating to all the guys who were selected. Many of them felt let down by Clare for what seems like the millionth time this season. Clare is clearly hiding something from them, and it seems kind of tacky and ultimately rude to make the men wait all day and then cancel. 

Dale states at the cocktail party he wants to be the first to speak to Clare, but for just five minutes. The pair retreat to her cabin and they sit on her bed and talk. Dale slowly puts his hands up her skirt and the couple begins to make out. The other men are left alone on the couch for an hour. They are interrupted by Easy- who is completely flabbergasted to find Dale in Clare’s house. The other men are very angry at Dale for walking off with Clare and they feel they are not getting the same time and attention she gives to Dale. Dale interrupts her conversation with another man to continue where he left off, but Chasen walks in on Dale pressing Clare up against a wall and making out with her. Do we have to remind them that we’re only on week three and that Fantasy Suites are so far away? 

With the other suitors, Dale denies that he has spent so much time with Clare that night, saying that he just went to the bathroom. Clare gives Dale the rose and the other men are outraged. Although Dale got the rose on account of physical attraction, he says that he and Clare had a great conversation- “I was the best man suited to be there for her”, said Dale, confidently. 

Zac J was awarded the one-on-one date this week and he was excited to finally have some face time with Clare. They had a relaxing spa day and ended up in the pool, nearly kissing,  but Clare thought he was pulling away. Sadly, Zac J was sent home, not by Clare, but by Chris Harrison because she was too uncomfortable to do it herself after their mishap in the pool. It was a very awkward situation to watch, and the producers quickly snatched his bags and sent him off in the limo. Not a lot of attention was given to the situation. 

On the group date, a group of the men was asked to roast each other. Although all the men seemed to take everything in jest, Clare was shocked to hear all the men roast Dale (color us surprised). Bennett roasted Dale the most, and Clare grilled on the guys for the background of the jokes. Clare did not give anyone a rose and when she left the cocktail party she told a producer they “dished on my fiancé so hard”. It seems clear to both fans and, quite frankly, the other men, that her heart is set on Dale and nobody else stands a chance. 

Fans are getting anxious, especially with rumors circling that Clare won’t be around much longer, presumably with Dale. Perhaps the only saving grace this episode had to offer was a cameo from Tayshia Adams, Clare’s rumored replacement, emerging from a crystal clear swimming pool. Fans can only hope that Tayshia can turn this season around.

* To accommodate for Election Day coverage, the Bachelorette will be moving to Thursday night next week! You can watch live at 8/7c or the next day on Hulu!! *

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