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This past Monday on the Bachelor: The Alayah drama continues during the Rose Ceremony. Will the drama finally be put to rest… again? Who goes home? Sydney and Peter literally take their relationship to new heights. Is there more than physical chemistry here? The girls model with Cosmopolitan on the group date. Has The Bachelor turned into America’s Next Top Model? Peter and Kelley go on a date. It’s no surprise that girls just wanna have fun, but does Peter feel the same way? The drama continues…

Last week’s episode left us wanting more, especially because it ended prior to the rose ceremony and left us listening to the girls bicker back and forth between themselves. Expectedly, this episode brought us back to the rose ceremony where the girls have nothing but bad things to say about Alayah. Peter walks in on the girls bickering, per usual. Peter pulls Alayah aside and ultimately, tells her it would be best for her to go home and I just want to say this is, FINALLY a decision of his that I can stand behind. Anyway, Peter apologizes to the girls and they all decide to stay and continue this journey with him… big surprise. This leads us to the rose ceremony and Peter sends home Deandra, Kiarra, and Savannah. Although I saw the other two coming, I was genuinely surprised that Deandra went home and by her reaction, she was blindsided too. However, after the rose ceremony, Peter announces that the ladies are going somewhere international. The ladies are going to…. Costa Rica! *insert high pitch screaming here* 

We pick things back up in Costa Rica where Peter asks Sydney to go on a one-on-one date with him. Peter and Sydney take off in a helicopter, leaving the remaining women behind And honestly, Sydney and Peter’s date wasn’t very exciting due to the fact it was overshadowed by Kelsey’s meltdowns happening back at the house. Kelsey spent the whole day crying about how she is having a hard time seeing Peter build connections with other girls. She does know she signed up for The Bachelor right? Anyway, back to the date. Sydney opened up to Peter about her family, specifically how her parents divorced when she was young and how she doesn’t really see her father. Throughout the show so far, Sydney has been giving off this hardened exterior, definitely has her guard up vibe, so it was nice to see her open up about things that were obviously hard for her to talk about. The rest of the date is just them making out in a pool and no one can question their physical chemistry – that’s for sure. Ultimately, Sydney accepts Peters’s rose.

Now it’s time for another group date. The girls arrive on the date and find out they are going to be photographed in bathing suits competing for a chance to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan with Peter. Is this America’s Next Top Model or The Bachelor? Come on, I definitely wasn’t the only person who was getting major ANTM vibes from that date especially after the Revolve shoot a couple of episodes prior. I can’t even imagine how these girls were feeling during this date because I was uncomfortable watching it. Ultimately, Victoria F. was the girl chosen to be on the cover of Cosmo with Peter. At the after-party, the drama continues. I don’t even know where to start but where I will begin is here – the first thing I wanted to address about this date was Kelsey telling Peter that she was falling in love with him. I was very surprised by this because I personally think it’s a little early to be expressing those feelings, but I guess if that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel and Peter seemed to think so too since he appeared to be very happy with the conversation that he had with Kelsey. After that, Peter and Tammy have a conversation where she expresses her concerns about Kelsey and notably, Tammy was one of the girls who had conversations with Kelsey during her breakdowns at the house. Tammy said that Kelsey was obviously emotionally unstable and was drinking herself away. After hearing this from Tammy, Peter approaches Kelsey about this, after they just had a great conversation. Kelsey, then, approaches the ladies. Everyone was basically confronting her about her crying all the time and I have to admit, I’m honestly sick of hearing about the crying situation with Kelsey. Peter comes back to the group and gives the group date rose to Hannah Ann. 

Meanwhile, Peter and Kelley go on their first one-on-one date of the season or would this be their second date? considering they “ran into each other” a couple weeks before the show and had an opportunity to hang out intimately then. ANYWAY, Peter said that he needs to see a lot from Kelley today in order to keep her around because he can sense that she’s not “all in”. Obviously, they had an instant connection from night one but has that spark fizzled out? Their date was very spiritual, which I think was fitting, considering they both think it’s fate that brought them together again. Overall, I think this part of the date went okay. They did this writing exercise, right? While Peter was reading his to her, she starts laughing about a lizard in the background and this is exactly what Peter is talking about. If she doesn’t start showing she is here to build a relationship with him and take that process seriously, she’s going to get the boot. Later in the night, Peter and Kelley have a conversation in regards to Peter being ready for a wife and how he wants all the girls here to “trust the process”, just as he is. Kelley talks about how she feels as though she was very mature for her age and she continues by saying how frustrating it is to watch him reward the drama because for her, at this point, it is something she doesn’t want to deal with. However, Kelley expresses that she could be engaged at the end of this if their relationship were to get there. Once again, we end a date with another pool make out session and Kelley accepts Peter’s rose. 

Not to backtrack or anything, but I need to address this. During Kelley and Peter’s one-on-one date, Tammy and Kelsey had a talk in regard to what took place during the group date. Kelsey asked Tammy what she said to Peter during the date and Tammy said she talked about herself and because of how much she cares in regards to other things going on in the house with the girls, she hasn’t really been able to focus on her relationship with him. Well, we know that isn’t true, but moving right along. Tammy basically went on about how Kelsey cries all the time and drinks to cope with those problems and before giving Kelsey the opportunity to defend herself, Tammy continued to spend the whole time attacking her. Okay, now that we covered that, after the Kelley and Peter date, Kelsey goes to see Peter post his talk that he had with Tammy referenced prior. Kelsey wanted to clarify the situation to Peter and kind of talk about what is going on with her, especially this situation going on with Tammy. Peter told her that she doesn’t need to worry about the other girls and that he is happy with where their relationship is. Peter pulls a complete 180 and gives her a rose and I honestly think it was fine that Peter gave her a rose because like he said, he didn’t need a rose ceremony to know how he feels about her. She, obviously, accepts it. Kelsey then walks up to the girls, rose in hand, and tries to explain to the girls why she has a rose and let’s just say, the girls were definitely not impressed with either her explanation. 

This leads us to the cocktail party or should I say, the cancellation of the cocktail party that sparked an impromptu mini cocktail party – let me explain. There was supposed to be a cocktail party, however, Peter canceled it because he felt as though he knew exactly what he wanted and going straight to the rose ceremony would be his way to demonstrate that. Upon Chris’ announcement in which he relayed this information, the remaining girls without roses start freaking out, especially the ones who didn’t get to spend any time with him. Tammy confronts Kelsey, Mykenna starts crying, and others are wondering if the relationship they have built with Peter is enough to carry them into the rose ceremony. There is a lot to unpack here, but let’s start with Kelsey and Tammy. All I really have to say about this is, Kelsey is telling the truth about what she said to Peter and she also told the truth about what Tammy said about her. Also, they say Kelsey cries a lot but has anyone seen Mykenna? Anyway, let’s dive right into the rose ceremony. Right before Peter announces who he is giving the first rose to during the rose ceremony, Tammy asked if she could talk to Peter. Surprise, surprise. But then, Mykenna comes along and asks if she could steal him for a second right after Tammy. I’m sorry, but these girls do realize the cocktail party was canceled right? After the mini cocktail ceremony, Peter hands out the roses. Lexi and Shiann fell short. I mean, I can’t say for sure and I can’t be alone in my thought process here, but I think Mykenna and Tammy might have been the ones going home if they hadn’t taken that time to go talk to Peter. On Shiann’s way out, she told Peter to be careful with some of the remaining ladies because he hasn’t seen a certain side of them and the side they are showing the girls is not the side they are showing him and the episode ends there. 

Who will get date cards today? Who will go home? This is the most dramatic season ever. Stay tuned for a special recap of tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.  


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