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The Bachelor Week Eight Recap: Anything but a Fantasy (Suite)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

This past week on The Bachelor: Three women remain? Will Hannah Ann and Peter’s relationship continue sliding forward? Will Victoria and Peter’s relationship go to new heights… again? Will Peter and Madison’s relationship free fall? The drama continues…

The episode starts where we left off last week – in a hanger because I have officially come to the conclusion that Peter is indeed a pilot. For starters, Madison pulls Peter aside to discuss some of her concerns with the expectations of this upcoming week. Madison confesses that she would have a problem with Peter if he was to be intimate with the other two women during this week and she doesn’t think she would be able to continue in their relationship if that were the case. Now, I know what you’re all thinking –  who is she to tell Peter what to do and does she know what she signed up for? You do have a point, I mean, he does have two other relationships right now, but Madison has previously mentioned that she is saving herself for marriage and she has high expectations for her future and soon-to-be life partner. I understand not wanting to compromise yourself for a show and I really do hate calling it a show, but at the same time, she has set standards for herself and she shouldn’t throw those away over a man that is dating two other women simultaneously. In all honesty, this conversation didn’t really go anywhere so that’s my entire take on that exchange between the two of them. 

We continue the episode in Gold Coast, Australia. Usually, during Fantasy Suite week, the women stay in their own rooms due to very obvious reasons that I shouldn’t have to state explicitly. However, that was not the case this time around and let’s just leave it at one word… awkward. These women all have very serious and sexually evolving relationships with Peter at this point and no one really wants to hear the status and ongoings of the other relationships, so this should be interesting, to say the least. 

Peter greets the women as they are politely attempting to create some semblance of a conversation with one another in the living room. Peter takes Hannah Ann on the first date of the week and Peter surprises her with jet skis to explore the Gold Coast. Also, did anyone else notice how they started off on two jet skis, but when they both got on one together they just kind of left the other one chilling in the middle of the ocean? No, just me? Okay, moving along then, we continue with Hannah Ann and Peter on a beach. She expresses to him that regardless of what ends up happening this week, she will still be here and that is music to Peter’s ears for, again, very obvious reasons. Taking a break from this date – back at the house, Madison and Victoria are having a conversation about what was discussed in her side conversation with Peter after the Rose Ceremony last week. Obviously, we are aware of how Madison feels about the entire Fantasy Suite situation and if I’m being honest, I found this conversation to be quite humorous because Victoria feels the exact opposite about this week. She says to Madison that no one wants to think of their boyfriend staying the night with other women, but she believes it is important because you could potentially be waking up to this person every day, so you need to see if you are a good fit. Alright, Victoria, we all know why you’re still here, but whatever. 

Back to the date, Hannah Ann and Peter are enjoying the night time portion of their date. Hannah Ann expresses to Peter that she would rather put her all into this and have her heart broken than leave with regret. Okay, Hannah, I can stand behind that mentality. I don’t know if I am about to state an unpopular opinion, but Hannah Ann has kind of grown on me. I’m not saying she is my favorite or anything, but I don’t think she is as terrible as I thought she was at the very beginning. Peter expresses to Hannah Ann, again, that he is falling in love with her. After that, Peter has Hannah read a date card, asking if they will be staying in the Fantasy Suite together and the two of them decide to stay the night together.

I know I was a little harsh on Victoria last week, and I’m here to tell you I’m not sorry nor am I done yet. Next up, we have Victoria and Peter’s date. Peter starts the date off by saying they have a lot to discuss with one another moving forward and how he finds himself always fighting for her. Are you sure you don’t mean fighting WITH her, Pilot Pete? Anyway, Peter surprises Victoria with a helicopter ride over the Gold Coast. She was so excited about this and ready to jump into that helicopter. I’m sorry, hold the phone. Does anyone else remember Peter and Victoria’s first one-on-one date where she was having a tantrum at the thought of getting into an airplane because she is scared of heights? RED FLAG. She goes on to talk about how she loved the helicopter ride and Peter asks her if she is more of a helicopter fan or a plane fan? and she responds that she is more of a plane fan. GIRL, stop. Anyway, they both admit that they have some things they need to work on and I think this is so funny because they talk about how great their relationship is, except when it comes to their communication with each other. RED FLAG. So you both suck at the biggest part of a relationship? Got it, that really is setting you two up for success. Another funny thing I wanted to note about this was that they were literally talking about how they hadn’t fought at any point during this date. RED FLAG. The fact that them not getting into some sort of argument during their date is labeled as an accomplishment, I truly have no words other than three again, RED FLAG. 

Taking a break from this date and turning our attention back to the house, Madison and Hannah Ann are having a conversation about the week. Hannah Ann asks Madison if she has opened up about the parts of her life and life choices she has made which are ones she needs to open up to him about, sooner rather than later. Madison tells Hannah Ann about how she is not okay with Peter being intimate with the other women and naturally, Hannah Ann is caught off guard by this and in one of her conversations with the producers, she makes a comment stating that all the girls knew what they were signing up for and that she thought that was wild. 

Back to the date, Victoria and Peter are discussing their relationship where once again, Victoria justifies, I mean opens up about, why she acts the way she does. She says that due to her last relationship, she isn’t used to having these difficult conversations and she goes on to say that she is still getting used to the fact that when he asks her questions or makes inquiries, it’s not because he is attacking her but because he really wants to know what she is thinking. Peter asks her why she didn’t feel good enough in her last relationship and Victoria does what she does best –  gets standoffish and cries. RED FLAG. Also, kind of off-topic, but Victoria talks in baby talk and it drives me absolutely insane. Girl, you are twenty-six years old, not three years old. Peter goes on to talk t about how he loves how much they have already had to overcome in their relationship. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it should be this hard at such an early stage in your relationship, but maybe that’s just me – he did say he doesn’t want easy, he wants crazy. After that, Peter has Victoria read a date card, asking if they will be staying in the Fantasy Suite together and they too decide to stay the night together.

Finally, we have Madison and Peter’s date and if I were Peter, I would be extremely nervous walking into this date. He knows that if he has been intimate with any of the other women here, Madison could be going home voluntarily. Peter surprises Madison with a pretty exhilarating date and on this date, they climbed the highest building in Gold Coast. I can’t help it, I was stressed watching this entire date, so I can’t imagine actually doing that. Although it looked like they had a great time, I’m sure Madison was preoccupied with the thoughts of what she had to talk to him about and I can imagine that was on her mind the entire date. Back at the house, Victoria and Hannah Ann are having a conversation about Madison and in this conversation, Hannah Ann talks about her talk prior that she had with Madison during Victoria’s date. I’m just going to put it out there before I deep dive into this conversation, but this whole exchange irritated me. The two women were both concerned because they, one, believe Madison gave him an ultimatum, and two,  believe their relationships with Peter are private and the others shouldn’t be discussed with him. Okay, I get that and all but come on. I truly believe Madison has been handling this situation very well considering the circumstances and all I have to add is if Hannah Ann and Victoria felt more confident in their relationships with him, they wouldn’t be so worried about this potential “ultimatum” Madison gave him. Ladies, your insecurities are showing. 

Anyway, back to the date. It’s pretty obvious that Madison and Peter have a lot to discuss tonight. Peter starts by expressing to Madison that their last conversation was hard for him because he does have two other relationships that are quickly evolving. Madison explains that it wasn’t her intention to make him feel as though she was giving him some sort of ultimatum and at this point, she finally reveals that she has made the decision that she wants to save herself for marriage. Peter responds that he respects her decision, but that isn’t a religious choice that he has made or honored  which is completely fine because they aren’t going to always share the same opinions. Peter asks her what the expectations of him are and she responds that realistically, she wouldn’t be able to say yes to ene engagement, if he has been intimate with the other women prior. She expands on this explaining that, to her, it doesn’t make sense to her for him to get down on one knee and propose if he had slept with someone six days before. In truth, I’ve never thought of these situations like that, but I’ve got to say she makes a strong point and she’s totally right. Peter tells her that he is uncomfortable with this and that he doesn’t really want to give details about the other relationships he has with Hannah Ann and Victoria because they are private. Madison explains that she doesn’t expect details, but at the same time, she needs to know if he has been intimate with one or both of them. Peter admits that he has been intimate with other women and he can’t lie to her about that but at the same time, Peter tells Madison that he can see him and her at the end of this, but he has to be honest with her as they continue to make their way to that point. He goes on to tell her that coming into this week, he saw that endpoint not just with her, but with the other women too. After hearing this, Madison excuses herself from the table like a grown adult. Victoria are you taking notes? 

Madison feels hurt because he made certain decisions knowing how she felt about them and knowing that those choices could ultimately lead to her making the decision to leave. Next, we see Madison crying to Peter while he apologizes while he tries to express that he hates this situation right now because he understands how tough this is for her. Madison, for obvious reasons, feels as though she should walk away at this point, but at the same time, she doesn’t. Peter asks her not to walk away and asks her what he needs to do and she honestly answers that she doesn’t know. Understandably, we end this date with Madison walking away from Peter. 

What will go down at the Women Tell All? Where is Madison? Who will get the rose? Will there be a proposal? Why is Peter’s mother crying? This is the most dramatic season ever. Stay tuned for next week’s Bachelor recap.


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