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If you’ve been keeping up with this season of ABC’s The Bachelor, then you’ve probably gotten to know the women, Colton and Chris Harrison doing the only thing Chris Harrison does every season- ensure America that this is the most dramatic season yet, and announcing to the ladies and Colton when there is only one rose left at the rose ceremony, as if the remaining women without roses aren’t anxious enough. This week’s episode really shocked me. The rose ceremony was truly the point of no return for my tears, but as I watched each hometown date and all that occured in each of the four women’s hometowns, even I was skeptical about the accuracy of my Bachelor Fantasy League line-up.

Throughout this entire season, I was certain that Caelynn would be the woman Colton gave the final rose to. Their chemistry was undeniable, I was so sure that she would be the one standing next to Colton at the end of all of this. These feelings held true until the end of Caelynn’s hometown date, where she told Colton she was “fully in love with him” and he said nothing in response. I discussed this with my friends during the episode at length, and after excessive deliberation, I kept this incident in the back of my mind for the remainder of the episode. By the time the rose ceremony rolled around, when it was Cassie and Caelynn left without roses just as Chris Harrison stepped forward to announce that this would be “the final rose tonight,” I was so confused. Colton has been worried all season about sending the wrong girl home, in fear that after several women he had already sent packing warned him about opinions regarding whether or not the remaining women were there for the right reasons. Although I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing each other’s opinions regarding every woman’s reason for being on the show, in my opinion, Caelynn was obviously head over heels in love with Colton, ready to jump into anything with him. She opened up to him on national television about one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences ever shared by a contender on The Bachelor. If she hadn’t trusted Colton, and wasn’t there for the “right” reasons, Caelynn would never have shared this with him so early in their relationship. Because we have yet to receive an explanation for the reason behind Colton sending Caelynn home, it’s hard to tell exactly why he completely blind sided Caelynn (and most of America).

While I’m sure we’ll get some kind of explanation on next week’s Women Tell All episode, all I can do is wonder what he was thinking, which leads me to my final take away from this week’s episode: Caelynn had everything Colton was looking for. Their connection was undeniable, she was ready for an engagement, they had obvious chemistry, and so much more that Colton had said time and time again that he was looking for in a future wife. I did notice at the end of Caelynn’s hometown date, her stepfather, John seemed to whisper something in Colton’s ear while the two men said goodbye. Could that have had something to do with it? Is the dramatic clip of Colton freaking out and jumping over a fence  they have been building up to all season because he regrets sending his ideal woman home? Will Caelynn be the next bachelorette? Why didn’t Colton send Cassie home, she’s obviously the only one of the remaining women who isn’t ready- AND even if she was, her father refused to give Colton his blessing when he asked if he could have his blessing in asking Cassie to marry him. All season, he’s been worried about which women aren’t here for the right reasons, and Cassie is the only one who still isn’t ready, what Colton’s hypocritical actions? Your guess is as good as mine. I hope you enjoyed my takeaway from the most vague and unexpected conclusion to a rose ceremony all season. If anyone is forming a support group in response to this episode, please let me know. Tune in Monday AND Tuesday at eight o’clock (eastern time) on ABC to see if any of these questions will be answered.

Sophia is a sophomore Social Work major at UMaine. She loves ice cream, painting, doing yoga and playing with her pets. Most of her time is spent watching Stranger Things, New Girl, or any Bachelor franchise series.
Gabbi is a senior at the University of Maine studying English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Psychology. She hopes to write and publish her own novel one day!