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Avant-Garde with Rachel : Packing!

            Believe it or not, spring break is just around the corner. I know that the semester has just started, but I think people should start thinking of their spring break wardrobe.


            Coming from someone who just packed their wardrobe in two bags, let me give you some tips on how to efficiently pack your suitcase.


            1. Pack Evenly! I thought I was smart putting pants and shirts into one of my suitcases and underwear, bras, and shoes into another, but I was SO wrong, because the airline lost my bag with my jeans and shirts, therefore I was left with 15 pairs of underwear, 10 bras and the pants and shirt I was wearing…totally not okay! I suggest if you are going away for the whole vacation (two weeks) pack the clothes into your suitcase, and if you’re taking a plane, put a change of clothes and stuff to sleep in, in your carryon…this way, if your luggage gets somehow lost, you at least have a change of clothes.


            2. Pack only what you NEED! I am guilty of over packing for every trip I go on. Right now I am in the French Alps, and I brought a black cocktail dress and stilettoes…just incase we decided to go out…we didn’t go out…I packed it for absolutely NO reason.


            3. Efficency is Everything! There are tons of pockets in suitcases but there are also pockets inside of things…pack underwear and socks in your shoes…if you are going somewhere cold for spring break, put small things like contact cases, deodorant (in a bag) and makeup (in a bag) in the pockets of your winter jacket…the puffyness of your jacket will keep it safe.


            4. Personal Hygiene! I am sure I really do not need to put this tip, but just incase…if you ladies are going to some place warm, make sure to pack the seven essential personal hygiene items: deodorant, razors/shaving cream, perfume, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion, and feminine products…if you have all that with you, you are ready for vacation.


            No matter where you go this spring break, make sure you are prepared for literally anything that could happen. Pack your suitcase with care and take your time, nobody likes to spend their vacation money on everything you forgot to pack in your suitcase because you waited until the last minute.

Name: Rachel Boudreau Grade: Senior (Graduating in December) Major: Journalism/Broadcast Concentration Minor: French Aspirations: Write for Cosmopolitan, or Foreign Correspondant in France Hobbies: Swimming, shopping, photography, cooking, crafting, friend time,
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