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Avant-Garde with Rachel: A New Year, A New Style

As we are just days into the New Year, people will be making their New Year’s resolutions that probably 75% of us won’t keep or remember. Right now, I am writing my blog from Normandy, France, since this is where I am living for the next year. Since New Year’s resolutions are usually very specific, I will give you all some fashion resolutions that are pretty easy to do, and it will make you feel good too! I have had about 2 weeks to look at the fashions of the Normandy area so I will give you guys some France fashion advice from what I have seen here.


            1. Dress up to go out. I do not mean get an evening gown to go to the grocery store, I mean get a nice pair of jeans, a nice coat, a scarf if its cold….I dare you all to resolve not to go out of the house in sweatpants….think you can do it? Since I have been in France, I have been out with young people my age (in their 20‘s) and NONE of them….100 percent none of them…wear sweatpants out of the house, both guys and girls. Scarves are HUGE this winter…go out a get some…I am pretty sure I wrote a blog about the versatility of the scarf so I don’t think I need to write anymore about it, but a good resolution would be to dress up to go out of the house.


            2. Take Risks. When I first got here, the airport did not deliver my bag with about 75 percent of my clothes, which was a HUGE stressor…I mean, I had about 15 pairs of underwear but 1 pair of jeans and 3 shirts…that is not going to cut it for me. Well luckily the family that I am living with bought clothes for me. They did not know my style, I had to give them my sizes but still…they did not know my color preferences, but they bought me some clothes and I had to wear them because I had no other choice. Some of the clothes I never would have picked out for myself, but I ended up falling in love with them. So make a New Year’s resolution to wear something once a week you would never normally wear and see what happens, you may be surprised by the compliments you get and who notices.


            3. Wear heels. Yes I know…heels are bad for your feet, knees, back, and probably a multitude of other body parts…but they’re only bad if A. you do not walk in them properly, B. they do not fit, C. you wear them all day everyday (like I do), and D. they’re too tall (like mine). Get a pair of nice pointed toe stiletto’s with maybe a 3-4 inch heel and rock those for a day. You will be surprised what a leg workout you get just from high heels. Just wear them one day a week as a resolution. This will also help you keep the other resolution I talked about which was dressing up once a week.


            4. Makeup. This resolution can go both ways. Do you wear no makeup on a daily basis? Make a resolution to wear make up once a week. This will get you playing around with make up, and shades, and how to apply properly without looking like a clown. However, the other way around is if you wear make up everyday (like I do) and would not be caught dead without it, try and go one day a week without makeup. All you are allowed to use is lib balm (NOT LIPSTICK) foundation, and mascara. This will help you get to recognize that you do not need to wear make up everyday to be beautiful…you are already naturally beautiful.



            5. Hair. This, just like the makeup resolution will go both ways. Do you wear your hair up everyday? Once a week, try and wear it down…you will be surprised with the compliments you get, and the looks you get. Don’t really know how to style your hair when it is down? My only advice for you is play with it. There are also TONS of Youtube videos about how to do your hair. The other way around is if you never put your hair up…try once a week to put it up, whether is be in a bun, a ponytail, or heck even a full on Snooki poof. Mix it up and play with your look.


            New Year’s resolutions are hard to think of because people usually do not remember them, I recommend writing it on a sticky note in the bathroom and stick or tape it to the mirror so you do not forget what your resolution is. You may be surprised with how your overall beauty routine changes! 



Name: Rachel Boudreau Grade: Senior (Graduating in December) Major: Journalism/Broadcast Concentration Minor: French Aspirations: Write for Cosmopolitan, or Foreign Correspondant in France Hobbies: Swimming, shopping, photography, cooking, crafting, friend time,
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