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7 Fun Things to do in Orono

1. Take a Walk! Orono has so many nice places to see. The trails on the University of Maine campus alone are endless and so much time can be spent exploring them! Bring a friend, or go alone and appreciate the outdoors!


2. Visit Downtown Downtown Orono has a lot of cute little places to eat and do homework, like Verve, Nest, The Family Dog, Harvest Moon Deli, etc. Spending time eating, hanging out with friends, or doing homework at one of these places will definitely help you become familiar with the Orono community. Click the link for more ideas and events in the downtown Orono area http://www.downtownorono.com/.


3. Go to MaineBound MaineBound is on the University of Maine campus located accross from the Collins Center for the Arts (CCA). It is great for rock climbing or renting all things outdoors. Go grab some kayaks and bring them to the river or rent some bikes and explore those trails on wheels.


4. Check out the Bog Walk The Orono Bog Walk is a long boardwalk that goes through some of the most beautiful places in Orono. A great spot for taking pictures, spending time with friends, or walking your dog! Hours of operation are 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM during the month of September!


5. Visit the Museums On and off campus you can get exposure to some rich history that this town has to offer. The Hudson Museum inside of the CCA on campus is a great place to learn more about the anthropology and history of the time. The art gallery that is located in Lord Hall has exhibitions that change all the time, that would be a great way to see what’s going on in the art community! Plus, they are both FREE.


6. Fit in a Show The Spotlight Cinema in Orono is great, because tickets range from $7-$9 depending on what time of day you go. It is a good way to escape your homework for a few hours to hang out with friends and see the latest blockbuster!


7. Go for a Bounce The Orono Trampoline Park is always fun! They have everything from a foam pit, slacklines, and dodgeball to their battle beams, slam ball, and an arcade. If you’re looking for a fun time with friends, this is definitely the place to go! Tickets are $14 for an hour of jumping. Make sure you bring comfy clothes!


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Reyleigh is a fourth year psychology major with a minor in business administration at the University of Maine. Reyleigh loves to travel, go to the ocean, take pictures, make art and spend time with family and friends. In her free time you can find her cuddling with her 12 year old English setter.
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