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7 Coffee Shops In The Bangor Area You Probably Haven’t Tried (But Really Should)

Here’s to all my fellow coffee connoisseurs who loves a great cup of coffee that’s just as cheap as Dunkin and just as tasty as Starbucks. If your coffee-drinking habits are anything like mine, you’ll pretty much take any (and every) cup of coffee you can get, whether you’re sitting down with breakfast or rushing to class. Everyone loves the convenience and speed of a drive thru, but in my opinion, it just doesn’t taste the same as a freshly brewed cup from a local cafe. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of choices in the Bangor/Orono area to get a really good cup of locally made coffee. 


1. The Store Ampersand

Here’s one that’s close to home. Located on Mill St. in Orono, this quaint (and local) natural food shop is home to my absolute favorite drip coffee. I know, how can drip coffee be that good? But trust me, it is. Along with a large selection of specialty lattes, they have delicious homemade baked goods that you have GOT to try. 


2. Coffee Express

It’s easy to miss this little drive thru coffee stand, but if you happen to drive by while passing through State St. in Bangor, do yourself a favor and pull in. Unlike your typical flavor shots, Coffee Express roasts flavors into their coffee beans, leaving out the sugar that is in your fave caramel swirl iced coffee, but not sacrificing the same great flavor. (And not to mention, the price is basically half of an artisan coffee at Starbucks.)


3. Wicked Brew

This adorable coffee shop is fairly new to the area but adds significantly to the charm of Downtown Bangor. It is family owned and has a great selection of homemade baked goods, wraps/sandwiches, and coffees. The employees are the nicest people you’ll ever be served by, the decor is super home-y, and not to mention, they make a mean rose flavored cappuccino. (Yes, like the flower rose, trust me it’s delicious.)


4. West Market Square Cafe

Headed through Downtown Bangor and need a little caffeine boost? Check this quiet cafe out, it’s conveniently located right across the street from popular stores like Mexicali Blues and Epic Sports. This place is also great to sit down and have a handcrafted coffee while you do some homework or meet a friend. Did I mention most of their menu consists of all locally sourced products?!


5. Bagel Central

It’d be amiss if I didn’t include one of my absolute favorite coffee shops/lunch spot! Growing up in Bangor, I’ve been to Bagel Central more times than I can count. Every time I go, I get a great coffee (hot or iced) to which they are more than glad to give free refills on. Voted “Bangor’s Best Coffee Shop” multiple times, Bagel Central is a go-to when it comes to needing a morning starter or afternoon pick-me-up. 


6. Frank’s Bakery

This place is mainly a bakery, serving bread, cookies, cakes, donuts, and other sweat treats, but is also loved for their delicious breakfast and lunch foods, as well as great home brewed coffee. In the mood for something sweet? Stop by Frank’s to grab a treat and a delicious latte from the super friendly staff!


7. 98 Wake ’N Shake

Now located in what used to be a used bookstore, this small cafe serves a variety of drinks and lunch items. They serve the locally produced Carrabassett Coffee brand with a wide selection of flavors. Not a coffee fan? Try their bubble tea, or a fresh smoothie while shopping or just walking around Downtown. 


If you know me, you know that any coffee is good coffee to me (I practically live off an IV drip of any cup I can get my hands on), but sometimes your heart craves that really good cup of coffee far away from the traffic of Orono and the usual Dunkin. So next time you need a new study place, or just a darn good cup o’ joe, head to one of these spots and try something new—I’m positive they won’t disappoint! 


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