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6 Things We Take For Granted as Americans

We have numerous events happening in our world currently…both good and bad. Listed below are what we should all be thankful for throughout the year, regardless of our beliefs and opinions.

Our country.

Put aside politics and personal views. We live in a wonderful country. America truly is a country where dreams are made and you can be whoever you wish to be. All individuals are entitled to their own opinions, rights, and encouraged to achieve their best. Even if you fail, you are motivated to try again until you succeed. America is the land of dreamers, doers and high achievers. Work hard, study hard, and never, ever give up! Be thankful and proud you are an American.

Family, friends and loved ones. 

We all have that one special person or several people who are extremely important in our lives. Take the time to call this person or send a card in the mail and remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life. No matter how busy your schedule may be, you can spare five minutes to give a quick call, not a text message, to this special someone. We need to remember to be appreciative to all those special individuals who have molded us into the person we are today.


When was the last time you shook the hand of a soldier and thanked them for their service? We live in a world where freedom is not free. While you are comfortably sleeping in your bed at night or enjoying some Sunday football, you do not have to worry about a bomb being dropped on your house. Even though the threat of terrorism is on the rise, we are still safe on our own soil thanks to our military serving both on our terrain and overseas. If you are out and about and see an individual wearing a military uniform, please shake their hand or give a friendly hug and thank them for their commitment to our country.


Our police officers in America are being attacked by our own citizens. Our law enforcement has been targeted and ambushed in disturbing ways. Please be thankful for our police officers and all they sacrifice for us every day. While you are enjoying a night out with friends, they are patrolling your community and ensuring everyone’s safety. The next time you see a cop, shake their hand and thank them for making you feel safe.

Right to vote.

There are many countries where basic human rights do not exist. America is a democratic country which means we the people are given the power to decide who rules our country. We live in a country where it does not matter if you are born into poverty or fed with a silver spoon. If you are an American citizen, you are born with the right to vote. Living under a Constitutional Democracy ensures all citizens are equal regardless of their beliefs, values, traditions, and socioeconomic status.


We as Americans tend to take going to school for granted. There are several countries in the world where women are not allowed to go to college. In Afghanistan, women have been attacked with acid just because they were walking to school. Please be thankful you are even given the wonderful opportunity to attend school and further your education.

These examples provided are just a few major things we take for granted on a daily basis. Be thankful and appreciative for everything you have.

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Laura is a Senior at the University of Maine studying Elementary Education with a concentration in Child Development. She is a member and the Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi; which is an international honor society for individuals majoring in education. Laura loves to dedicate her time outdoors, volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, and values spending quality time with her family.
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