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6 Reasons to Chop Your Hair, NOW!

Since my freshman year of high school, I’ve had long hair- lengths ranging from under boob to my waist. It’s taken many different forms in regards to color, cut and style. It’s been caught in a variety of doors, smacked strangers in the face, has dragged through plates of food and has been the source of much frustration. After six years of dealing with my long, crazy mane, I chopped it.

Nine inches to be exact. And it was the best decision I ever made. Here are six reasons you should chop your hair off right now:

1. The literal weight lifted from your shoulders.

My hairdresser gathered my long locks into a pony tail and literally CHOPPED it all off. In one swift motion I felt like I instantly dropped ten pounds. My neck and shoulders genuinely feel more limber. Not joking about this. It’s life changing. Who knew hair could weigh you down so much?

2. My shower time was cut in half.

For my first shower with this shoulder length hair, I was a little confused. I’m used to shampooing my roots and conditioning only the ends, but I couldn’t really find a buffer zone since my roots and ends are so close. Nevertheless, my total hair maintenance time was cut in half. Instead of shampooing twice and combing my conditioner through a tangled mess from hell, I just threw in the product, mashed it around, and rinsed. Too easy.

3. The cute little styles!

I’ll admit it: this hair is not getting in a bun or braid anytime soon. The beauty of it though is that it doesn’t need to!! Don’t have time to do anything to it? No biggie because short hair looks SO CUTE messy. You can pin it up a little, do a cute pony, or part it in a new way and look super spicy. No need to try and force a messy bun because it wont work anyway lol. It takes two seconds to straighten and curling it takes a quarter of the time. Again, the messier the better folks.

4. Your products last so much longer.

Shorter showers mean less shampoo and conditioner, which in the end you save money. Less expensive oils, less hair masks (since you just cut off ALL dead ends), less hair spray, less everything!! Simply amazing.

5. No more getting you hair caught in things it really shouldn’t be caught in.

Zipping your coat or sweatshirt? No problem. Trying to enjoy a delicious meal without running your hair through it? Easy. Trying to cuddle with your S/O without them lieing on, and therefore pulling your hair? Say no more. Would you rather your hair not be caught in the car door every time you hop in? Sure thing! Feel bad every time you whip the person sitting behind you in class? You’ll never have to apologize for it again.

6. An overall sense of change.

With my new hair, I feel different. I feel fun, easygoing, and new. I’m not self conscious about how atrocious my hair looks, how dead my ends are, or how much my locks are drowning me. I feel spicy as hell, and I’m also very glad I can stop apologizing for the lack of control I have over my hair in my insta selfies. Lots of relief there.

Overall, if you’re thinking about chopping your hair, DO IT! I’m currently blasting my girly jams and flinging my hair back and forth by myself having the time of my life. 10/10 would recommend.

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Mary is a fourth year Ecology and Environmental Science major at the University of Maine, with a concentration in sustainability. Mary loves to read, spend time with her Alpha Phi sisters, cuddle with her cat, and drink coffee. She hopes to save the environment and adopt alllll the kitties.
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