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5 Reasons to Be Excited to Get Back to School

Happy Spring Semester, UMainers! Whether you found yourself surfing off the coast of a tropical island or simply surfing the couch all winter break, it’s time to pack your bags, buy your books and head back to school. Need a little motivation to get your mind back in Orono-mode? We’re here to remind you of a few reasons that you’re actually totally pumped to return to school.

5. The long-awaited return to your favorite eating spots. Okay, yeah your parents’ cooking is the best…but you can’t deny that nearly a month without OHOP, Family Dog and Harvest Moon is cruel and unusual punishment.


4. Getting back on a schedule. Although waking up at 2pm and not knowing what day it is for a week straight is a blissful state of being, it has an expiration date. Remember your friends The Rec Center and Showering Before the PM Hours? Well, they’ve missed you.


3. Parties! As real as it’s been spending the weekends watching reruns of the Real Housewives, you’re lying if you can say that you don’t already have an outfit planned for your first night back out.


2. New semester, new you. Yes, it’s a cliché, but for college girls who have probably already blown their “New Year, new me” plans by the third of the month, the new semester allows for a clean slate. (And by clean slate, we mean new classes for scoping out *HoTTiEs*)


1. YOUR FRIENDS! We left this at the top of the list because we knew that anyone would find this as reason enough to make a quick dash back to school. What’s better than settling back into round-the-clock bonding time with your best friends? Oh yeah. Nothing. 


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