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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Have


Celebrating Halloween in college is unlike celebrating Halloween anywhere else. If you’re anything like most college students, you’re probably going to need two or three costumes. To save yourself some time and money, try creating one of these costumes with some of the clothes you already have tucked away in your closet. (Unless, of course, you want to spend the hour before you go out picking through an empty costume aisle in a party store!)


1.A Vampire

You’ll need:

·         Black clothes

·         Red lipstick or face paint

·         White powder

If you’ve never been a vampire for Halloween, you’re seriously missing out on a super easy, seriously awesome costume. Everyone loves vampires (unless you’re Team Jacob), and this simple costume will be just as well-received. Wear your favorite black outfit (a vampire costume is the perfect excuse to wear those leather leggings you’ve been waiting to rock), and powder your face to get that “something terrible will happen to me if I stand in the sun” look. Apply red lipstick all over your face to make it look like you’ve just preyed on an innocent victim.

2.       Holly Golightly

You’ll need:

·         A little black dress

·         A pearl necklace

·         Glamorous earrings

·         Sunglasses

·         A coffee and a croissant

Holly Golightly is one of the most iconic and fabulous characters of all time. Throw on your favorite black dress, put your hair in a sock bun, and accessorize like you’re running out the door to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s rather than to go to a frat party.

3.       Hippie

You’ll need:

·         Something denim

·         Anything tie dye

·         Flowers

Boho-chic is so in right now, so you probably have enough pieces in your closet to dress you and three of your friends as hippies. Whether it’s a tie dye shirt with ripped jeans and Birkenstocks or a fringed jacket paired with a flower crown, make sure you pair your costume with a peace sign and a super groovy attitude, man.

4.       Bum

You’ll need:

·         Flannel

·         Denim shorts

·         A cardboard sign

Ah, I can see the Instagram already. A “will twerk for pizza” sign held up by a pair of fingerless gloves.

5.       Spa Day

You’ll need:

·         A robe

·         Slippers

·         A face mask (or face paint to look like one!)

Don’t stress about your Halloween costume. Relax. Want to go the extra mile? Stick some pedicure separators between your toes and throw a few curlers in your hair.

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