5 Campus Events to Check Out this Spring

For every college student, April seems to be the busiest time of the year. It’s crunch time to get your grades up, you have an assignment/exam in every course and it’s darty season (so you’re skipping class and getting even more behind on your work). While our course loads are getting busier, so are the clubs on campus! Here’s a few events to attend when you desperately need a study break (or your darty is about to die down). 


1. April 17th: the Student Womens Association's Beautiful Week

This is SWA’s fifth annual Beautiful Week, which highlights the importance of loving yourself and your body and celebrating other women. The week will be concluded with their annual Slut Walk on April 21st at 12 pm on the mall. If you’re interested in this event, here’s the link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UMaine-Student-Womens-Association-250615350033/


2. April 20th: The Healthy High

Trying to get a natural high on 4/20 this year? Participate in the 10th annual Healthy High 5k, 10k, and one mile fun run at 5 pm! Registration is $10 for the 5k and for the $15 for the 10k. Even if you’re not looking to actually exercise, the race could always use volunteers!


3. April 21st: The Earth Day Nude Bike Ride

Interested in celebrating the planet and seeing some of your classmates ride bikes naked and painted green? Make sure to line both sides of the mall at 12 pm!


4. April 23rd: Alpha Phi’s Move Your Phi’t

With all the 5k’s this spring, you have no excuse to not get out and exercise! Join the sisters of Alpha Phi at  2 pm at the Buchanan Alumni House. Registration fee is $6 in advance, and all proceeds go to the Alpha Phi foundation that supports women’s heart health.


5. April 30th: FIJI FaceOff

Join the brothers of FIJI at noon in the campus rec center for their first annual “FIJI FaceOff” floor hockey tournament. It’s $15 for a team of five, and all proceeds go to United Service Organizations. 


These are just a few of the events going on around campus this month; be on the lookout for philanthropy events, sports on the mall, check out a baseball or softball game and of course get excited for Maine Day right around the corner! Finish the semester off strong collegiette’s! 


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