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31 Halloween Movies to Get You Through October

Now that it’s finally October, we can officially say that it’s the start of Spooky Season. It’s time to grab a friend or loved one, pop some buttery popcorn, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and press play on your favorite horror movie. For me, any free time I have is an excuse to watch a horror movie, even if it’s during the festive holiday seasons. However, October is the prime time to start binge watching every horror movie you can think of. If you’re like me and scared of every little thing, these movies will most likely terrify you. But that’s why I love every single one and that’s why I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are 31 spooky movies that you can enjoy every night of October!

1. Us

2. A Quiet Place

3. It

4. The Blair Witch Project

5. As Above, So Below

6. The Nun

7. Scream

8. Hush

9. It: Chapter 2

10. Before I wake

11. The Sixth Sense

12. The Conjuring

13. Halloween

14. Insidious

15. Scream 2

16. The Shining

17. The Babadook

18. The Conjuring 2

19. The Orphanage

20. Scream 3

21. Carrie

22. The Visit

23. Delirium

24. The Purge

25. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

26. A Nightmare on Elm Street

27. Paranormal Activity

28. The Woman in Black

29. Bird Box

30. Would You Rather

31. The Witch

Kaitlyn is a first-year student at the University of Maine with a major in Elementary Education, in hopes of finding a minor in the near future. She enjoys nature walks on the bog walk, geocaching with her friends, and watching horror movies all year round!
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