2017's Best Memes So Far

Memes! How did this sensation even start? Everyone loves a meme that’s so relateable or funny that they can’t help but laugh and tag their friends. There's literally a meme for everything. Last year’s memes included Harmabe, Arthur’s fist, petty Skai Jackson, blurry Mr. Crabs, Damn Daniel and many more. It was a wild year. A bunch of new memes have defined 2017 and there’s much more to come! Here’s our list of the best memes thus far.

1.  Salt Bae

Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe went viral when an Instagram video emerged of him applying salt to a steak in a very unique way. The internet dubbed him as “salt bae”.

2.  Side-eyeing Michelle Obama

The look Michelle Obama gave the camera when the Melania Trump gave her a Tiffany’s box was probably the best part of Trump’s inauguration, TBH.

3. What In Tarnation?

It all started with a photo of a Shibu Inu dog in a cowboy hat with the caption “what in tarnation”. The photo went viral and people started creating different hilarious versions of the phrase….

4. Blinking Guy

The perfect response when you’re baffled by something!

5. Roll Safe

“You can't be broke if you don't check your bank account” is just one of the hilarious lines that go with this meme.

6. Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin???

Easily one of my favorites!

7. Asahd Khaled

Asahd, DJ Khaled’s son, has only been on this earth for four months and is already big on the internet. This little celebrity has executive producer credit, a Ferrari and a hilarious collection of memes. Ashad knows the key to success!

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