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Being an Instrument in the Black Lives Matter Movement & How to Do Your Part

The change and impact the youth from this generation have had is remarkable and will be recorded in history. There are the roars of the people, the pleads of the humble, and the rebellion of the young. With what some may perceive as chaos taking place, taking a stance is an important, but hard decision as there are many feelings that come with it. Some may feel liberated, restricted, and hurt among other emotions. With so much going on, it is hard to translate all these feelings into actions and be a part of what is a bigger movement. So, what can you do? How can you be instrumental in the change you want to see in the world?

Be educated

Don’t limit yourself to the information you absorb off of social media and the news. That isn’t to say that the news isn’t somewhere where you can come across valuable information,  but do keep in mind that it may be reinforcing only one perspective. In short, don’t take it at face value. Instead, do your own research and fact-check to contextualize the information you gather.

Share this Information

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Educating yourself is only half of it. Share this information as well! Social media is a good medium for this, but also, spread awareness to the people around you. Tell a friend of a friend! Tell your family! Your voice has no limits and you are more capable of making a difference than you can imagine! The Breonna Taylors’ need you. The Atatiana Jeffersons’ need you. You are an instrument for those whose voices were taken too early.

Sign Petitions and Donate

Black Lives Matter Protest
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Lastly, sign petitions and donate! Again, it’s vital to do some research here, as well. How effective are petitions in the jurisdiction that you are signing them for? Where does the money donated go towards? These resources have the potential to catalyze real change.  

This is not a trend! The discrimination and dehumanization against and of black people has gone on for long enough. We are living in a moment. Nothing will change if nothing is done. Black lives matter and should start being treated like they do. It is not enough to just agree with those statements as an ally, if that were the case, more would be accomplished. Choose a stance and stand in it with both feet!

Included below are some resources and links for petitions to further assist the Black Lives Matter Movement.

BBC World News: “Breonna Taylor: Timeline of black deaths caused by police

BBC News Round: “Anti-racism: What does the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ mean?”

Sign the Petition to suspend UK Exports of Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Riot Shields to USA

Sign the Petition to Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the UK

Sign the Petition for the proposed “Hands Up” Act that would impose a sentence on officers for the killing of unarmed men and women

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