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Your Ultimate Fall TV Calendar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.


Now that it seems like that crazy heat wave finally broke (cross your fingers), it’s starting to feel a lot more like fall. From tailgating to finally getting to pull out your boots and sweaters, autumn is a great way to ease back into the school year. For pop culture junkies like myself, it also means that all our favorite shows are back.  

For those of you who aren’t quite so invested in TV, but like to take a break every once in awhile, here’s a calendar of shows to check out this season.

Returning: Revenge, 8:00 ABC
Revenge is back! After a shaky start to the second season, Revenge finally simplified its storylines and got back to what made the show so great: Amanda ruthlessly seeking revenge for her father’s death while still looking stylish. For those of you who haven’t seen this addictive drama, seasons one and two are on Netflix. Grab a friend and a glass of wine for the premier on September 29.

New: The Blacklist, 9:00 NBC
If you’re into crime dramas or governmental agencies, check out this show starring James Spader. Spader plays a charismatic criminal nicknamed “Red.” Red surrenders to the FBI and will only talk to one particular agent to supposedly help them bust other criminals. Jeff Jensen of TV Guide is calling the show a well-produced and entertaining “action-packed mystery thriller.”

New: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 7:30 Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hybrid work-place/cop comedy that is already being praised for poking fun at common police television tropes. You’ll recognize Andy Samberg as the goofy and childish but still skilled detective Jake Peralta. Chelsea Peretti, a hilarious writer and stand up comic, is another standout as office administrator Gina Linetti. Behind the scenes, producers from the Office and Parks and Recreation are at the helm of this show. Sounds like a recipe for success.

Returning: Survivor Blood vs. Water, 7:00 CBS
Remember how excited you used to be as a kid when your parents would let you watch Survivor with them? The show that helped make reality television the industry it is today is back  and you may recognize some of the contestants. The 27th season of the competition features returning contestants and their family members competing against each other. Watch to see the alliances they form, the way castaways manage to fashion their team headbands, and the physical and emotional challenges.

Returning: Parenthood, 9:00 NBC
Parenthood (which is not only for parents, despite the title) is a dramedy that follows the Braverman family as it struggles with issues from cancer to Asperger syndrome to struggling with adoption. At the core of the show is the love and respect all the family members have for each other, even when they get into fights. Even though the topics they deal with are heavy, the family is thoroughly entertaining, and the relationships between mother and daughter or brother and sister always feel realistic.

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