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Working Out Without the Gym

Classic workout rut syndrome happens to the best of us. If staying in shape is starting to feel a lot like a chore, it might be time to switch up your routine. Break the rut with one of these Iowa activities!

Fall weather is finally making its way to Iowa City, and we love it! It is now possible to walk to class without breaking a sweat. Better still; when you are in the mood to break a sweat, the great outdoors doesn’t seem like such a bad place to workout. Try mapping a walk or run near the Iowa River for a workout with the added benefit of beautiful autumn-induced red-orange-yellow scenery.


Student organizations provide a great way to meet people on campus. There are a number of great organizations for students interested in athletics, here are a few to get you started!
• University of Iowa Ski and Snowboard Club: http://uiowa.orgsync.com/org/uissc
• University of Iowa Yoga Club
• University of Iowa Sailing Club

Full list of University of Iowa Student organizations here: http://uiowa.orgsync.com/

HIKING: Hiking is a great workout and provides a great way to enjoy the weather and the scenery. If you have a time to kill, consider taking a trip out to Coralville for a hike.

Coralville Reservoir – Linder and Squire Points: http://www.rei.com/guidepost/detail/iowa/hiking/coralville-reservoir-lin…

Plan your own Iowa hike with trails.com:  http://www.trails.com/toptrails.aspx?area=10057

VOLUNTEER: Not only can volunteering be an exciting way to workout, it feels great to give back to your community. Activities like dog walking and planting are great ways to break a sweat and it will feel great to lend a helping hand. Consider donation your time to these Iowa City based organizations.
• Iowa City Animal Shelter (Dog walking): http://www.icanimalcenter.org/indexs.html
• City of Iowa City Stormwater Volunteer (River and creek cleanups):
City of Iowa City Volunteer Information:        http://www.icgov.org/default/apps/gen/volunteer.asp
Stormwater Group Facebook Page:

BE AN IOWA TOURIST: This is a perfect activity for a weekend without plans. Grab some friends and take a day trip to a place in Iowa that you have never been. Spend some time walking around and enjoy your day!

Example trip: The Amana Colonies:  http://amanacolonies.com/

Plan your own trip: http://www.traveliowa.com/

5k’s, Marathons, and Races
• Ponseti Races: http://www.uiortho.com/races/  (October 6th 2012)
• University of Iowa Pump and Run: http://recserv.uiowa.edu/Apps/Programs/FitnessPrograms.aspx (pdf document on Rec Center website, click on “Pump and Run Brochure”) October 6th, 2012)
• ZTA 5k: http://www.zta5k.racesonline.com/ (October 21st, 2012)

Let the games begin! There are tons of parks on the Iowa campus, Plan a pick-up game with your friends and take advantage of the crisp fall weather while you still can. Have fun while shaking things up with a competitive edge—and may the odds be ever in your favor…

GAMES TO PLAY: Basketball, soccer, tag football, ultimate Frisbee, etc.

Caitlin Scott is a junior at the University of Iowa studying Journalism and French. In additon to writing, Caitlin loves web design and photography. In her free time likes to travel, hike, and attend concerts. Caitlin adores french culture and hopes to live in France at some point in her life!  This year is Caitlin's first year contributing to Her Campus (and she loves it!). After college, she hopes to be working in the magazine industry and speaking lots of french!
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