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Why Gossip Girl is Still Relevant

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

Probably any person in their late teens, early twenties could easily identify this phrase: “You know you love Me, XOXO Gossip Girl.” (Extra points for saying it in Kristin Bell’s sassy voice).

Why, “Gossip Girl” — last episode of which aired late 2012 — are you still filling our time with Netflix binges or making us wish we had the fashion sense of Serena van der Woodsen or the romance drama of Chuck and Blair (and continually root for them even when Chuck is the worst ever).

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Because “Gossip Girl” has become timeless.

Even though we aren’t fortunate enough to live on the Upper East Side of New York City (the East Side of Iowa City will have to do), we still have the family problems, relationship scandals and the daily hassles of college life. “Gossip Girl” is relatable in the best ways possible: it’s funny, sassy and scandalous. It has beautiful girls and handsome boys and is the epitome of what we thought high school and college would be like. But it helps us see our problems aren’t as big as Dan and Serena sharing a sibiling or Blair almost marrying a prince, so we can get through just about anything.  

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“Gossip Girl” doesn’t just teach us how to command a room or talk down your crazy BFF; it shows us that to be happy we much first independently work toward our goals and then be with the people we love. Whether you ship Chuck and Blair or Dan and Serena (Nate’s still working on himself), each couple has something we all look for. We all dreamed of having a world like Gossip Girl, but lets be honest: even if we think we’d end up as the Dan Humphrey of our college years, we can vicariously live through Serena and Blair’s, even if our Chanel heels are actually high top converse. 

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It’s nice to take a break from our reality and venture into a world so unlike our own (or so it seems). “Gossip Girl” has become a part of our generation and our pop culture and will forever have us rooting for love and keep us coming back for each episode over and over.


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