Which Dog Breed You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I am by no means an expert on astrology. However, I am guilty of letting my horoscope determine my outcome for the week. What I do consider myself to be an expert on though is dogs. I’ve combined my puppy obsession with my love for astrology this week, to match what your sign would be, if it were one of our four legged friends.


Aries is a fire sign, so we’re competitive by nature. Also, quick to snap, but loving and loyal at heart, much like the Weimaraner. The Weimaraner was originally made as a hunting dog, so they're fierce and eager to win, but also crave affection and dislike being alone. Both the Aries and Weimaraner make loving companions who are protective over their people.


Cancers can be hard to approach at first, but once they warm up to you they’re the most compassionate people you’ll meet, just like the Chihuahua.The Chihuahua has a reputation of being a feisty breed with a lot of energy, but when they find people they like, their snappy exterior fades away. The Chihuahua and the Cancer both are known as being difficult to interact with because they let their emotions control their decisions and only like select people. 


Libras are an air sign, which makes them highly imaginative. They also focus heavily on living a lavish life full of beauty, which is a lot like the Poodle. The Poodle is known for being a purebred show dog, who feels most comfortable when they're putting on a show for an audience. Libras are also known for being the most easy going out of the signs when it comes to their temperament. The Poodle also seems to be a fairly relaxed breed, as they are typically described as calm and alert.  



Capricorns are sure of who they are to the core, and thrive best when they have a specific list of things to do, like the Australian Shepard. Capricorns have a more dominant personality of the zodiac signs, as they are ambitious and determined. The Australian Shepard is known for being a herding dog, which means they have incredible self control and leadership qualities, like a Capricorn. 


Tauruses are compatible with everyone around them and tend to want the best things that life has to offer, like the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is frequently thought of as the perfect family dog because of how docile and well-mannered they are. As the Golden Retriever is loving and loyal to it's family, a Taurus focuses their energy on maintaining solid relationships with everyone around them.


Leos are another fire sign. Their central focus is pride and boasting their accomplishments, like the German Shepard. The German Shepard is often used as a K-9 officer for the police department because of their intelligence and ability to follow command. A Leo and German Shepard are alike in the way that they seek to help others and follow commands, in the hopes of being rewarded. 


Scorpios are a water sign, so they tend be highly in tune with their emotions. However, they do love to show their playful side, very similar to that of a Pomeranian. Scorpios are commonly thought of as having a polar opposite personality, meaning they feel everything good and bad. The Pomeranian has always been said to have a personality bigger than their size, just like Scorpio, who's large personality is sometimes difficult to contain. 


Pisces live for experiencing new adventures, meeting new people and thinking of innovative ideas, much like the Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of energy, so they adore playing outside, especially in the snow. They were bred to pull sleds and herd cattle, so most of their lives they are outdoors, similar to how a Pisces is in their element when exploring nature. 


Geminis are the most diverse of the signs. Being bold and outgoing, yet timid at times (depending on the crowd they’re around,) they're very much like the Bulldog. While a Gemini can be one of the most quick-witted cunning signs, they also can be one of the laziest and avoid doing much work. The Bulldog was once bread to engage in fights because of their stature and stamina, however, now they are known as pets who love to lounge around with their owners. 


Virgos are the type of people who not only have their lives together, but know what to tell you when you need to get your life together too, much like the Maltese. The Maltese, like a Virgo, are a more high maintenance breed of dog who need a specific amount of attention each day. They are known for being an intelligent breed, much like how Virgos are smart, perfectionists.


Sagittariuses are known for being blatantly honest and enjoy more time alone than most. Although, when they’re ready for attention they can be quite affectionate, much like the Pug. A Pug loves to snuggle up next to their owners, but also prefers to be left alone for long periods of time. A Sagittarius seeks to find the answers to life and travels the world searching for them. Pugs make for great travel companions, as they wont want to leave your side in the car. 


Aquariuses are known to march to the beat of their own drum with their eccentricity. They are highly intellectual and value beauty, like the Italian Greyhound. The Italian Greyhound has been recognized for it's beauty and small stature in various competitions. An Aquarius can be unpredictable with their thoughts, much like how the Greyhound can have unexpected shifts in mood if denied attention. 

Whether you are a Virgo or a Pisces, there's a friendly companion who is compatible to your zodiac sign based off of my very unprofessional horoscope opinion and my self proclaimed expertise on all things dog.

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