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What Your Go-To Karaoke Song Says About You

Karaoke is one of those spontaneous moments in your life when you are able to overcome all those stage jitters and become the rockstar you always dreamed of being. It is a lot easier to belt out the lyrics from the safety of your car or shower, but with a little peer pressure from your friends and a sudden burst of courage (or liquid courage) you are adding your name to the list. What songs did you pick? Maybe it was an 80s throwback, a rap song you know by heart, a girls’ night out tribute, or even a duet, but whatever your go-to song may be, it could say something about you.


80s Hits

“Paradise City”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, and “Shook Me All Night Long” are songs that are sure to have everybody rockin’ along to, but choosing songs like these just means you have the personality to go along with it. You are the life of the party. Your fun-loving personality and confidence is contagious and all of your friends are either cheering you on or just dying to join into the fun. 



If you got on stage and decided you wanted to sing songs like “Lose Yourself”, “Gold Digger” or “Super Bass” you have won the award for being the most dedicated to your lyrics. Normally you tend to be on the quiet side, but not tonight. You have memorized every word and a different side of you is making its debut. Even your friends will be surprised. I mean, who knew?

GNO Favorites

The Girls’ Night Out Anthems from “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to “Love Shack” and “Wannabe” are songs that everyone in the audience will know by heart. If these songs are your go-to, then you are ready to pack the most fun into the night as possible. Even if you are singing these songs solo, you can bet that your friends will cheer you on and build your confidence through the whole performance. Afterall, tonight is just about making memories. 


The Pro Picks

Whether you are into show tunes like “Defying Gravity” or anys songs by Adele. One thing’s for sure. You are confident in your singing abilities. Karaoke night isn’t your first rodeo and it won’t be your last. You love to sing and you don’t care what anyone thinks. Your voice is a gift and you are not afraid to show it off. Your talent will have the audience amazed.

Break Up Anthems 

“Before He Cheats”, “Gunpowder and Lead”, and almost every Taylor Swift (country) are a great choice as long as you have the power and aggression to go with it. These are the songs that even country haters will catch themselves singing along to because they relate to everybody. After all, everyone can relate to a little relationship trouble. Even if you are still a little sad about your relationship problems, tonight is not the night to dwell on it. Tonight is about having a good time and leaving those troubles in the dust. 


“Promiscuous”, “Summer Nights”, and “Party for Two” are fun songs to sing with that cutie you’ve been hanging around all night. These songs are playful and entertaining. Yet, they aren’t too lovey-dovey to make the audience uncomfortable. Just have fun with it. Who knows? I can feel a High School Musical love story coming on…


Karaoke is fun to watch and even more fun if you participate. If you’ve been thinking about singing and just can’t get over the stage fright, take a friend with you. You won’t regret it and maybe the next time you’ll be ready to sing your heart out all on your own. 


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Delaney is a journalism and sustainability major at the University of Iowa. Her dream career is to become a Marine Biologist and advocate for the environment through research and writing. In her free time, she enjoys music, friends, and the occasional ice cream venture (Okay, maybe not so occasional).
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