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Monica Stressed
It seems everyone is feeling this way as everything is shutting down, including the rest of the school semester.  

Whether you’re trying to get through an extended spring break while practicing your social distancing, just looking for something new to start, are bored since we will all be away from our sweet Iowa City, or don’t know what in the world to watch, this list will help you find SOMETHING that will get you through. For whatever mood, feeling, or lack thereof, there is something out there to take your mind off the craziness. 


If you’re feeling down

Some good things to just get your mind off everything, and maybe inspire you. 

-Jane The Virgin 

This show is basically a Tellanovella (a Spanish version of a soap opera) where the main girl, Jane, gets pregnant even though she is a virgin. This show’s drama never stops, which makes it all the more fun to watch. The strong female characters and their life together really make this a heartwarming show. Between all the twists and turns, burning love laughs, and cries, you will find Jane The Virgin thoroughly enjoyable. 



This movie will bring up your mood with its uplifting spirit about a girl who decides to join a beauty pageant after years of hating them. You will love this heartwarming narrative as it goes through the trouble of being yourself when you feel like you don’t fit. 

Someone Great 

Follow Jenny as she navigates the day after her break up from her partner of 9 years. With only a week left before she moves across the country, Jenny is desperate to have an amazing day with her best friends. Through flashbacks, partying, and a getting-ready montage, you’ll end this movie feeling inspired, and hopeful. 



If you want to feel something 

Sense 8 

This series is about eight strangers who start having strange, interconnected experiences that they can’t explain. Long story short, they can all visit each other, and use each other’s knowledge. This is a complex, action-packed, emotional show. In my opinion, it’s one of the most diverse shows around as well. You’ll feel everything from suspense, to happiness, to sadness. 


If you’re looking for a good escape 

The Witcher 

If you haven’t heard of it yet, The Witcher is a show based on a book series (and a video game). This show only has 10 episodes so far, but they are about an hour-long each. Each episode is filled with fun, action fantasy. The series does require attention since it’s following three storylines. The first ten episodes follow Geralt (the witcher) through his journey of finding the girl he is destined to look after. 

Peaky Blinders 

Based loosely on the real Peaky Blinders* this show follows Thomas Shelby as he navigates the world of betting on races, leading a gang, and keeping his family safe. It’s got great action, music, a great plotline, and strong characters. 

Once Upon a Time 

This series takes you away to Storybrook, where fairytale characters have no idea who they are. The only one who knows is a little boy named Henry. Once Henry finds his birth mother and convinces her to some to storybrook, things start to change. This series gives a new take on classic fairytales, as well as combining them with new ones. 


If you need a laugh 

We all love John Mulaney and Bo Burnham, but you can fall down a comedy rabbit hole with Netflix. Here two of my favorite comedians:  

Eliza Sleshinger 

Eliza has multiple stand-ups on Netflix, and they are all worth a watch. My personal favorites are War Paint, and Confirmed Kills. She is bold, honest, and hilarious (duh). 

Daniel Sloss: live shows 

Daniel Sloss is a bit darker, and in my opinion funnier. He is brutally honest and hits the parts of you that make you happy someone feels the same way. His second stand-up, Jigsaw, is a great one about how it’s okay to be alone, and why you’re better off that way while you find yourself. You will not be disappointed with his stories, or his jokes. 


If you want something to get you thinking 


This show is about the coining of the word “serial killer.” Loosley based on real-life events, this show follows Holden and Jim as they interview people who have multiple murders on their records in 1977. The things said can be slightly disturbing, but if you like the psychology of serial killers, and then this is the perfect show. 

Adam Ruins Everything 

While this isn’t a show where lack of attention will mean you miss a vital plot piece, it will get you thinking about things like restaurants, security, hygiene, death, and many more. In this series, Adam Conover deconstructs everyday topics and misconceptions with facts. But don’t worry- it always ends with some positive takeaways. 


if you want something light and easy to binge 

Sex Education 

These episodes may be 50 minutes, but the funny, charismatic, light-hearted show will explore what every high schooler ever thinks about concerning sex. The main character, Otis, uses his knowledge from his sex therapist mother to help out his fellow peers questions and concerns- and starts making money off of it. The show incorporates the awful sex education of schools, the trials and tribulations of exploring during high school, and everything in between. 



If you’re looking for an all-consuming binge 

The Fosters 

The Fosters is an easy one to binge. Not just for its heart-wrenching plotline, but for how it tackles everyday social issues of society. The Fosters follows Callie and Jude as they find their way into a foster family that seems to actually stick this time. The show tackles the social issues of everything from the foster system, sexuality, women in STEM, and more. You’ll find everything you need from uplifting scenes to ones that will make you cry. And there is even a spin-off show to go with it ;) 


If you need a good throwback 

(That you probably haven’t thought about in a while) 

A Cinderella Story (the Hillary Duff one, Obviously) 

Yours, Mine, and Ours 

A series of Unfortunate Events (Both the movie and the new series!) 


I couldn’t add every movie and show with descriptions ever, so here are some more (that hopefully aren’t as popular) I really enjoyed: 

 Lucifer, The Originals, The 100, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Gentefied, Pan’s Labyrinth, Her, The Fundamentals of Caring, and Nowhere Boy.  

Happy Watching! 


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