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What Gilmore Girls Taught Us

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

“Where you lead, I will follow . . .”



That’s right . . . it’s Gilmore Girls, b*tches. Not only is this my favorite television show of all time–full of hilarious wit and feminism–but it’s also seven whole seasons of crucial life lessons. From romance to education, family and friends, this timeless series should rightfully serve as both your therapist and best friend. But before you binge watch what you have sorely been missing, here are some of the highlights of what being a Gilmore girl has taught us.


1. Humor Is Sexy



There isn’t a single episode that’s not chock-full of fast paced word play and hilarious comebacks from the lovely Gilmore girls. Seriously, I owe way too many of my one-liners to these amazing women.


2. Food Is The Real MVP



Whether it’s boxes and boxes of pizza and Chinese food, late night junk food runs, or several visits to Luke’s, this show totally embraces eating as a hobby and I love it!


3. Life Should Be A Little Spontaneous



With small town life comes, well, life. We witness everything from spur-of-the-moment road trips to impulsive marriage proposals, showing us that life can never be 100% planned . . . nor should it be.


4. Exercise Isn’t For Everyone



We all know that health is incredibly important, but not everyone is a gym buff and that’s perfectly okay! In fact, one can burn a surprising amount of calories by talking fast and shopping.


5. Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Hard



First . . . Team Jess. Period. But this show goes on to dive into all forms of love and proves (despite the numerous ups and downs) that your heart wants what makes it happy. Simple. Easy.


6. Women Are AMAZING



Paris, Rory, Lorelai, Sookie, Emily, Lane . . . the women in Gilmore Girls fearlessly follow their passions, speak up for themselves, and are always true to who they are. They are sure to be in control of their own story.


7. Being Educated Is An Incredible Power



Rory has to work her butt off to conquer Chilton and to get into Yale, while Lorelai puts herself through business school in order to move up in her world. Knowledge is power and these girls wield it.


8. Your Family Loves You . . . In Their Own Way



Friday night dinners! Emily and Richard have a rather unique relationship with Lorelai, but they never fail to be there when she needs them. Life isn’t always pretty; family makes it better.


9. Stay On Top Of Your Pop Culture



Movie references, song lyrics, celebrities . . . just a few things mentioned in a two-minute window on this show! Know your stuff, people! There is just so much material out there for witty conversation.


10. Finally, Be Yourself



The Gilmore girls taught us one of the most important lessons in life: there is nothing more rewarding, silly, lovable, or amazing than just being who you are and listening to your heart. We are all Gilmore girls.

Now go and get your Netflix on!


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