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Weird Phobias You Might Have But Probably Haven’t Heard Of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

Turns out everything in the world is terrifying. You either have this phobia or have never heard of it.

1. Phobophobia

This is the fear of phobias. And Phobophobophbobia must be the fear of the fear of phobias.

2. Panophobia

You are literally scared of everything.

3. Peladophobia

You must be terrified of Vin Diesel or Pitbull. Peladophobia is the fear of bald people.

4. Euphobia

*Doctor walks in* “Good news, we found your phobia. Bad news is, it’s the fear of good news.”

5. Porphyrophobia

You’re probably terrified of Barney because you have a fear of the color purple.

6. Alliumphobia

You’re probably a vampire if you have the fear of garlic.

7. Scriptophobia

Don’t worry, Kanye didn’t sign your Graduation Day album because he has a fear of writing in public.

8. Allodoxophobia

It’s not that your opinion is irrelevant, I just have a fear of opinions.

9. Arithmophobia

Everyone but me should have this so they don’t get lottery tickets, and I’ll win. Because if you win, you’ll probably die from being scared of all the numbers in your bank account.

10. Anuptaphobia

Your serial dating friend might have a fear of being single.

11. Sesquipedalophobia

Fairly ironically, this is the fear of long words.

12. Coulrophobia

S/O to my friends who hate clowns.

13. Bibliophobia

For all you kids trying to get out of reading for class, here’s the fear of books.

14. Omphalophobia

Good luck to these people. This is the fear of belly buttons.

15. Sciaphobia

This is the fear of shadows. Peter Pan must be a therapist for this or something.

16. Metrophobia

I made this haiku

Because you have an intense

fear of poetry.

17. Liticaphobia

Can’t be sued for having a fear of lawsuits can  you?

18. Nyctohylophobia

Everyone has been taught this by Disney classics. It’s the fear of woods in the night.

19. Philophobia

To your friend who has never had a serious relationship, here you go. This is the fear of falling in love.

20. Podophobia

Feet are disgusting. Everyone should have the fear of feet.


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