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The Ultimate Guide of the Best Shows to Binge Watch This Holiday Season

With the holiday season sneaking up quickly, snow is going to be falling, the temperatures are going to drop and for all of us college kids we’re going to go back home for a month. Whether you’re snuggled in bed because there’s a blizzard outside or you’re avoiding all the family members who’ve invaded your house for the holidays, here’s a list of my most binge-worthy TV shows and where to watch them.

Scandal (Netflix)

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a badass “fixer” set on fixing all of the problems for her high profile clients in Washington – everyone from senators, celebrities and even the president. With the help of her team of suit-wearing gladiators, each season and episode contains a new “scandal” that Olivia has found herself wrapped up in. And, if you aren’t convinced yet, Scott Foley makes a steady appearance and his eyes alone are enough to real you in.

White Collar (Netflix)

A little bit different than the others, White Collar is an oldie but a goodie. The main character, Neal Caffrey, avoids going to prison by helping Peter, an F.B.I agent, solve a string of white collar crimes. Neal’s character is unpredictable and always keeps you on your toes, trying to guess what his real motive actually is. While a criminal and an F.B.I agent may seem like an unlikely pair, Neal and Peter’s bromance is the glue of the show.

Vampire Diaries (Netflix)

Dear diary, this show is one of my all time favorites. It surrounds Elena Gilbert, a few months after the death of her parents and her love triangle with the Salvatore brothers. The town of Mystic Falls holds plenty of supernatural myths, from werewolves to vampires and even doppelgangers. As Damon and Stephan vye for the love of the human Elena, we find out that everyone has a secret to hide, including Elena’s brother Jeremy and best friend Bonnie.

Teen Wolf (Amazon Prime)

If you’re a fan for all things supernatural and shirtless men – teen wolf has both. When Scott McCall gets bitten by a wolf, his eyes are opened up to an entire new side of Beacon Hills. With the help of his best friend Stiles, he really turns into his “true” self. This show isn’t just another high school drama though, each season has a new eerie element to it that will make you jump out of your seat.

One Tree Hill (Hulu)

OTH is the one show that can make me feel nostalgic about my high school days. This show incorporates family drama, music and teenagers sifting through the ideas of first love. One Tree Hill really emphasizes the idea of finding your girl gang and realizing your potential in the face of challenges. And if you need a show to give you an example of #relationshipgoals, Nathan and Haley’s love is my go-to.

How I Met Your Mother (Hulu)

HIMYM is a show that holds one of the biggest secrets of TV history, that if spoiled, will probably ruin the whole show. Ted Mosby and his gang of friends, embark on all the shenanigans – drinking at their bar, attending weddings, and most importantly, helping Ted find the love of his life. Ted’s character is hard not to love as you hope he ends up with the right girl.This show is absolutely legen, wait for it, dary. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

Even though Salem the cat doesn’t talk in this reboot, it is still pretty captivating. If I didn’t know this was a reboot I would think this show was based off of something completely different. While Sabrina The Teenage Witch focused more on funny, this version is as chilling as the title says. There’s murder, sacrifice and of course teen love, as Sabrina tries to avoid falling prisoner to the Dark Lord and his evil coven.

New Girl (Netflix)

New Girl reminds me of the kind of show that friends was. It’s a feel good show with zany characters trying to figure out how to adult. When my friends and I watch it we always try to pick out which character we resonate most with – mine is a little bit of Jess and Schmidt. Zooey Deschanel’s character is full of quirks guaranteed to make anyone laugh.

Shameless (Netflix)

I first watched Shameless with my ex-boyfriend’s parents, and let me tell you it is not a family friendly one. It is all raw-raunchy humor with the Gallagher gang. The Gallagher kids are raised by their older sister Fiona and drug addict dad on the South side of Chicago. This show deals with the sad truth of drugs and struggle in a really humorous way. Drugs, sex and family drama are at the basis of what makes it undoubtedly addictive to watch.


The Flash (Netflix)

I had to add at least one superhero show to my list, and there is no better one than The Flash. When a particle accelerator goes off and lightning strikes Barry Allen, he is left with a new found power of super speed. This show chronicles the dorky, lovable character of Barry and his quest to fight all things good and evil – while still trying to impress his best friend, Iris West. If you end up loving The Flash, Netflix also has its sister shows – Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

You have enough shows here to keep you occupied for every cozy night in for all of winter. So whether you choose Vampire Diaries or Shameless, grab your wine and popcorn and get ready for a binge-watching marathon. 

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