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Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring


Spring has sprung! So, temps are finally above 30 degrees, the sun is out, and your closet is being weighed down with sweaters and jeans. But hold on, before your spring fever takes control and you start storing all of winter’s warmth, key into certain pieces of your closet that are perfect for the winter to spring transition.

·         Long Sleeve Shirts– These are basics so keep these around. Pair them with shorts, jean, floral, neon, you name it. It’s simple and cute with springy accessories like bright jewelry.

·         Chunky knit sweaters– It’s 60 degrees out one day and all of the sudden I feel it’s necessary to wear tank tops. Truth be told…it’s not. So if this sounds familiar, keep your cardigans and chunky sweaters, you’ll thank me! Especially in rainy April. So throw a sweater on over a cute springtime dress or tank and just keep looking adorable.

·         Combat boots– A huge trend in the fall and winter is holding longevity through early Spring. Pair with shorts, capris, and dresses and you’ll be a cutie all day long.

·         Blazers– a typical fall/winter piece can easily become a necessity for winter. Adding a pastel or fun patterned blazer to your outfit adds some spice to your outfit as well as keeping that Spring fever in check (it’s still only 60 degrees!)

·         Leather- Leather was a huge must in the past season. However, these pieces are still totally relevant. Whether they are leather leggings, or a piece with leather detailing, simply pair them with pastels, neons, florals, or my favorite lace!

·         Pants- Cuff the bottom of your jeans or bright skinnies and add some cute flats, sandals, or wedges to make them springtime fresh!

 So collegiettes, go out into the sunshine in all of your pastel, floral, and revamped winter wear goodness and look springtime beautiful!

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Gabby is a junior at the University of Iowa, working towards her double major in Communication Studies and Anthropology with a minor is Psychology. She is originally from LaSalle, Illinois and enjoys writing, traveling, and fashion.
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