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The Top 5 Signs Fall Has Come to Iowa City

Leaves are falling, the smell of pumpkins and apples is in the air, and we all get to spend fall in our favorite home away from home: Iowa City. Sometimes it seems as if fall appears from out of nowhere. But in Iowa City, there are signs everywhere.

1. Your walk to class gets even more beautiful

Once the trees start changing color, and the walkways are surrounded by browns, reds, yellows and oranges, you can’t help but get distracted on your way to class.

2. Daily trips to Wilson’s Apple Orchard

Everyone loves to go find the perfect pumpkin and pick apples at Wilson’s as soon as the weather gets colder. Your Instagram feed will be filled with photos of girls and their besties visiting Wilson’s, and all your Facebook friends will be checking in there. 

3. PSLs everywhere

This isn’t only related to Iowa City, but how could you walk to class in the morning during an Iowa fall if you’re not clutching a coffee in your hands? 

4. Halloween becomes a regular topic of conversation

Stores start showing off their Halloween costumes, and you immediately start discussing what you should be this year and what you’ll be doing Halloween weekend.

5. Football season heats up

After the first few humid football games, it starts to get chilly, and then you know it’s fall in Iowa City. You get to wear cute, flowy shirts underneath vests to all your tailgates, and cheering keeps you warm during the games. 


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Rachel Green is a senior Journalism and Mass Communication Major at the University of Iowa. She is also earning two minors in Sport and Recreation Management and Spanish and a certificate in Creative Writing. She serves at Her Campus Iowa's Senior Editor, and is a member of Iowa's editorial team. When she's not working on something for Her Campus, she can be found studying in the library, doodling in her sketchbooks or curling up with a cup of tea and a book.  
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