Top 5 Products For Damaged Hair

If you have dyed your hair one too many times or just have naturally coarse hair, you are probably in search of a way to get your hair to look soft and healthy. I recently transitioned from dark chocolate brown to light blonde, and now I have to revive my hair back to its natural softness. In my process, I tried a lot of products, and for the most part, one brand tended to work the best for me: Garnier Fructis

I found that even without other products, just using the Damage Eraser shampoo and conditioner made a significant impact on my dry and damaged hair.

The Marvelous Oil is by far the most versatile and practical product that Garnier has to offer. I use a pump or two with my conditioner and one pump on damp hair after I shower. I would use an extra pump if you are planning to blow dry your hair. Marvelous Oil can also be tousled through dry hair to keep hair soft throughout the day. Despite this being an oil, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy, and it has the added bonus of a wonderful smell.

The Heal and Seal Treatment works really well for me. After shampooing I apply a liberal amount of this product focusing on my most damaged sections of hair. I leave this in for 5-10 minutes, then I rinse and condition.

I have used the product on the left, the Split End Bandage. I tend to only use this when I use the Heal and Seal Treatment. After showering, apply the Split End Bandage to damp hair. I tend to focus this mainly on the ends of my hair and the most damaged sections.

I have not tried the Garnier Damage Eraser Cream (above, to the right of the Split End Bandage) I have tried the Salon Selectives version. Though this brand is known for being very inexpensive, so inexpensive you can find it at the Dollar Tree, their 3 Minute Hair Therapy treatment worked wonders on my damaged hair. Reviving damaged hair has never been so fast, easy and cheap.

On the more expensive end of these products is the Surface brand protein spray. This is great while applying any sort of heat to your damaged hair. The heat can make your hair seem more coarse and frayed than it actually is. The protein spray helps soften and repair your damaged hair so that you can continue to style your hair. The downside of this product is the price and the unappealing odor.

When it comes to damaged hair, I would say your best bet is to go for Garnier. Garnier can be found very easily and is always reasonably priced. Hopefully some insight into what really works will help you to revive your damaged hair.