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Thoughts Every Senior Has as Told by The Office

As graduation approaches, a million thoughts might be going through your head regarding jobs, internships, resumes, cover letters, etc. You may be panicking just as you read that short list. That's OK. Every senior is nervous and anxious about living in the "real world" after graduation, even if it seems like it's just your problem. Hopefully one day (fingers crossed) you can look back on all these emotions you're experiencing and laugh at how silly it was to worry.


You know it's almost the end when your senioritis kicks in and you arrive to class wearing this face.

But you decide to leave, even though you've missed six classes already, you just don't care anymore.

That's alright, you have no idea what's going on anyway. 

You might try scheduling a pre-graduation advising appointment, but let's be real, office hours are never available when you need them.

If you do get a hold of an advisor, you'll probably ask questions about your resume, applications, or interview tips.

But thinking of your best attrubutes and skills for your resume, is like trying to think of what you had for breakfast on the first Tuesday three months ago.

The thought of applying for jobs might make you feel faint,

and make you feel like you know nothing about your major.

Sooner or later you'll have to give up your immature ways and lifestyle.

You might look at maturity like this.


The next step is finding the perfect interview outfit (wig included).

and then attend a career fair, even though your self-esteem could plummet if no one wants to talk to you.

You're probably already sick of answering the same question about your plans for after college,

and you might cry often at the thought of moving home with your parents for the rest of your life,

or when you look-up the percentage of graduates that actually find a job right after college.

Try not to worry too much. College might have been a long, hard ride but you'll finish sooner than you think, so enjoy it while you can!


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