Surviving Finals Week as Told by New Girl

The end of the semester is approaching fast, and while there are plenty of things to be excited about, like celebrating Christmas, getting presents, spending time with friends and family, and having an entire month off from school, we can't forget about the very large hill we have to climb over to get to all of those things. That hill I'm referring to is Finals Week. 

Although Finals Week can be worse for some people than others, it always helps to know that everyone is in the same boat as you. We're all going to be living at our favorite study spot for the next couple of weeks preparing for our cumulative three-hundred point exams. Almost none of us will get the adequate amount of sleep we are supposed to get each night, and our social lives will be slim to none. 

Here's how to survive the impending doom accompanied by Finals Week, as told by my favorite show, New Girl.

1. Don't study in bed

Firstly, in order to do somewhat well on your finals, you should probably get out of bed and go somewhere to study. If you choose to study in bed, you probably won't be very productive and you'll most likely end up taking breaks to sleep, or just not study at all. 

2. Take care of yourself

When studying for finals, it's okay to get anxious or to even cry about it. A lot of times when students are studying for finals they're staying up until late hours, or even all night, skipping meals and not taking the best care of themselves. This can be hard on you, so much so that you might just have a breakdown somewhere between cramming sessions. Remember that you will most likely do better on your exams if you've been taking care of yourself along with studying.

3. Be honest with your parents

When your parents call you to ask how you're doing, it's okay to tell them the truth. Everyone is struggling right now, and they probably remember exactly how it feels to go through finals week. No one enjoys a week jam-packed with exams. Your parents might even send you a care package in the mail! 

4. Spend some downtime with your friends

Something that always helps me get through the stress of finals week is spending time with my friends. Whether you're studying together at the library or taking a break from the books, hanging out with your best pals can serve as a detox from all of the stress.

5. Celebrate when done!

And when you've walked out the door of your very last final, you can jump for joy, knowing that all of the studying is over, all of the stress is gone, and you can finally switch from your "studying" playlist to Christmas music. 

Good luck on finals, from all of us here at Her Campus!

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