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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Refreshened Life

The sun is out, the snow is melting, and the flowers are starting to bloom. That can only mean one thing. It’s spring! The April showers will bring May flowers, but the rain might also leave you inside your room. This is the perfect time to get your spring cleaning done. The mess you have been accumulating since you moved in needs to be cleaned out, so you can feel fresh and new like the new flowers that are coming. Here are the steps to having your room, house or apartment feel new, and you can feel better and new, too!

Downsize Your Clothes

I KNOW. I know it’s hard to depart with your loved ones, but if you’re not wearing that lace tank top from your senior year of high school, it is time to say goodbye. Pile all the clothes you don’t wear into a bag or basket and take it to a Plato’s. Whatever Plato’s won’t take, donate it to shelters or Goodwill. You can possibly get some cash in your pocket and do a good deed.

Vacuum Your Floor

The dirt from your shoes, the crumbs from your food, the hair from your brush, it is all over the floor. Your feet will thank you and so will your clothes from all the nastiness that might get stuck when you’re trekking through your room. Extra points if you wash your carpet or mop your floors.

Throw Old Assignments/Notebooks

Do you have old assignments and notebooks collecting in your place? Question number one is why didn’t you burn them after you took the final? Two, why are you hoarding? Throw it away. Maybe you want to remember what the parts of the brain are or what the powerhouse of the cell is, but that’s what the Internet is for also.

Sell Old Books

Are your old textbooks taking up storage for new textbooks? Sell your books. Places on the internet might take them, or current students might need it for the next semester. Get rid of them because again, the Internet exists, and did you even crack it open during the school year?

Wipe Down Counter Tops

Whether you use it for eating, studying or watching Netflix, there’s probably dust collecting in the crevices of your desk. Take everything down, throw away anything you don’t need, wipe down the desk. It’s time to rearrange everything on your desk however you want. Same with your kitchen counter or coffee table; water rings are not your best friends.

Bathroom Spirit Cleanse

If you have your own bathroom, and you put a shower curtain in, it might be time to stick those in the washing machine. The same goes for your shower liner, especially if it’s a fabric one. If you have plastic, buy a new one.

Your bae of a toilet is going to need a personal soul cleansing. Your toilet and you have been through a lot. The time you took that tequila shot you should not have had and then you remembered you texted that guy you weren't supposed to. Your toilet doesn’t judge you, so give it a wipe down and stick in an air freshener, so you don’t gag the next time you have that extra tequila shot.

Change Your Sheets

Did you know you're supposed to wash your sheets and pillowcases every one or two weeks? Always have multiple sheets on hand for those laundry days. Your sheets come in contact with your skin more than your comforter, so get washing. Your sheets and pillowcase don’t judge you when you watch your favorite rom-com and question why your life isn’t like the movies then cry into your pillow. Wash the past out and move onto the future.

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Besides reorganizing your fridge, reorganize your cabinets along with your pots and pans, so you don’t have to go spelunking when you want to cook some food. Have it so you can easily access your most used items at a closer range.

Windex All Windows and Mirrors

The birds won’t thank you, but your mirror selfies without toothpaste residue will. Are mirror selfies still a thing? Regardless, clean all the scum off your windows and mirrors, so you can see clearly how on fleek you look when you leave every day.

Spring cleaning can be the best move for a fresh new start, and while Netflixing all day sounds great, the pile of clothes collecting on your chair is staring and judging you. So get up and start reorganizing your place and your life. Once your place is clean, then you can relax and have a spot to do whatever you want. Clean home, clean soul.

HCXO and have fun cleaning your life to a new start! 


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Amy is currently a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, minor in political science with certificates in Event Planning and Entrepreneurial Management and HC UIowa's Trouble Maker. Her dream job is to work in Public Relations or Event Planning and plans to also become a lawyer, like the 9 years old Amy planned. Whenever she's not writing articles, she's usually online shopping, binging on Netflix, or laughing at her own jokes. Midwestern Prep with the worst luck in the world, you can keep track of her worst case scenarios on Twitter.
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