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It is that time of year ladies; the time we wait for, train for and tan for. Spring break is soon dawning upon us and our suitcases are getting bigger and school motivation smaller. Pina-colada dreams and sun-kissed skin is the only thing on our minds and the determination to have a spring break for the books is on way.

When packing for spring break we tend to over-pack, under-pack or have no idea what to pack. But I am here to shed some light on what beauty products are essential for a flawless, carefree and stress free spring break. You are outdoors, on the beach, sand in your hair and constantly going and going. The last thing you want to worry about is a full face of makeup and flawless hair. You don’t have time (or stamina) to make frequent bathroom runs to look in a mirror, but you do have time to make a quick run to the mall to cover your bases.

I have picked some of my favorite beauty products that I deem practical, perfect, and positive for your spring break endeavors (even if it is on the couch watching Netflix, at least you will look good doing it)!

Victoria Secret Body Spray These body sprays/mists go on light and soft with long lasting scent but not as heavy as a thick perfume. This is nice in the hot weather, for a more fresh smell and you don’t feel like you are sweating your perfume off! They are made in a variety of scents and some great tropical ones for a yummy spring break vibe.

Agave Lip Balm (Bite) This lip balm is one of my favorite products I have purchased. It goes on very smooth and has the nicest rosy color too it. It has a thicker texture but not overwhelming… plus it smells like chocolate, so you really cannot go wrong. It will help moisturize your dry sun chapped lips and also make them look full and refreshed. So much nicer then re-applying lipstick. It also comes in a nude, and clear color.

Loreal Liquid eyeliner (waterproof) If you want to use an eyeliner on your trip, I recommend using a liquid one above the lid because regular eyeliner tends to smudge an run in heat and this one stays put with a nice dark line. It goes on smoothly with the thin brush it comes with and you can make the line super thin or more dramatic. It stays on super well, so it lasts all day long.

Not Your Mothers- Beach Babe (Sea salt spray) Spring break will put you and your hair through the ringer, so why try to be all fancy when you can be fun and wavy! This sea salt based spray smells amazingly like coconuts and gives a great beachy wave to your hair. It loos fun and cute plus, you don’t need to worry so much about having it done and brushing it. Let your hair be carefree because I know you will be doing the same!

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion I get it. We all want to be tan and perfectly bronzed for spring break. Well I want to at all times of the year, so this product works for both. This lotion can be used every night and it builds a natural tan over time. It doesn’t wash off or streak and it also works to firm your skin! It is a two in one bonus, so how could you really go wrong…


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer  This moisturizer is perfect for some nice smooth coverage before you head out for some fun. It comes in many tinted shades s you get some nice color, plus it moisturizes and helps your skin retain vitamins and minerals. You don’t even have to use a powder afterwards, and it is also blessed with SPF 20… Take all the sunscreen you can get. There is nothing worse than a lobster colored face to dampen your fun.

Supergoop Sunscreen Wipes This is just a super easy way to apply sunscreen to your face without having to slap on a palm full of white sunscreen. You don’t want to look like a lifeguard in their booth. Used just like a makeup remover wipe, SPF 30 sunscreen is left upon your face for great protection!

Blinc Mascara The perfect flirty long lash, is still achievable even on spring break! Blinc mascara has a special formula that when applied, wraps around each lash individually, like a little tube. This mascara will not come off unless you apply warm water, and the tubes just dissolve off. It comes in a handful of colors and is full proof in staying on your lashes!


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