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Spice Up Your Sundays With HBO’s New Series ‘Big Little Lies’

I would be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t hooked on HBO’s new hit series, based on the novel of the same title, Big Little Lies. With the likes of the legendary Reese Witherspoon, the elegant Nicole Kidman, lady boss Shailene Woodley and, not to mention, Zoe freakin’ Kravitz… it’s safe to say that it would not disappoint, and it surely didn’t.

We are introduced to the show with a murder scene with no clear footage of what happened. All we know is that someone was killed at a school fundraising event in Monteray, Califorina, with police saying that there has been “a history of bad blood” in this community. This opening is a flash foward, and then we are abruptly welcomed by the waves of California.

It shows beautiful scenery of the wealthy ocean side town of Monterey, California, zooming in on the crashing ocean waves hitting the big rocks under the green cliffs with indie alternative music playing in the background. Classic Cali. Reese Whiterspoon, as Madeline Mckenzie, is driving a chic black Buick down the scenic highway with her daughter in the backseat like the MILF she is. Basically, one hell of a set up.

Big Little Lies surrounds the women and their families of this ultra upper class town and all of the drama and competition that is involved when you put catty control freak women and their first grade children, who are bound to end up like them one day. On the first day of first grade, drama, of course, ensues. The new, single, not-so-rich mother Jane’s son “allegedly” choked the girl of, wait for it, the most helicopter CEO mother in town, Renata, who is not one to mess with. This creates a rift between Jane and Renata. Jane is recruited by Madeline and Celeste, who have an equal dislike for Renata and her minions. And the drama has only just begun.

We not only see how these women interact with one another, but how they deal with their personal lives behind closed doors in their own mansions. Whether it is between their husbands, ex-husbands and children, their secrets get revealed slowly episode by episode—always ending in some sort of a dramatic cliff hanger. Like Renta whipping her phone in her lavish pool and saying, “This means war,” or Jane sprinting on the beach with mysterious foot steps in the sand… 

At only four episodes in, you can catch up quickly, especially utilizing HBO Now’s free one-month trial, so mark your calenders for Sundays at 8 p.m. You cannot miss the stellar acting, the juicy secrets and mystery, and the beautiful scenery and depiction of the wealthy lifestyle of living in Monterey, California. Oh, and for the people in the back, REESE WITHERSPOON IS IN IT AND IS SASSIER THAN EVER. 


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