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SCOPE Campus Celeb Kaitlynn Ryan

I got a chance to catch up with this month’s University of Iowa campus celebrity, Kaitlynn Ryan, a current student who has done some big things in order to make the university even more fun and exciting! Ever wonder who works behind the scenes in order to bring all the cool concerts to town? Well, Kaitlynn, who is an active member of SCOPE productions on campus, is your go-to-girl! SCOPE is a student organization that works hard to bring the best shows to areas on campus for everyone to enjoy.

This year Kaitlynn is involved in the personal relations team, whose main focus is drawing up press releases for upcoming shows/event to the media and other news outlets to spread the word throughout the Iowa City community. She also has made in impact in the digital sphere as well; last year Kaitlynn worked on the Internet committee via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, etc.

If it weren’t for students like Kaitlynn, concerts on campus simply wouldn’t hold up! Not only is she putting in work to hype up the shows, but she also is involved in setting up stage too! Its easy to see that she enjoys what she’s doing now, but I was interested in knowing what got her started in doing what she’s doing and why she felt it was important to get involved on campus:

“All through high school, I loved going to concerts and always thought it would be cool to be a part of the team that’s behind it all. I hope to go into some form of event/concert planning so SCOPE has been a great way to learn things you never would in a classroom. I think it’s important to get involved on campus because whatever it is you’re involved in, you can’t find in a classroom. It’s really awesome to be part of something where a lot of the people have the same interests as you.”

The month of April is going to keep the entire SCOPE team busy as they are preparing for several big events to roll out. On Sunday 4/13, Sky Ferreira, an up and rising star making a pit stop in Iowa City from being on the Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” tour, will be making an appearance in the IMU Ballroom. Later this month the University of Iowa can also expect to hear from A$AP Ferg playing at the IMU. So the next concert that you go to on campus, make sure to take note of all the hard work that your fellow students, like Kaitlynn and the other members of SCOPE, are putting forth to make those concerts possible!



Photo taken from Facebook.com

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