Roommate Withdrawal As Told by "Parks and Recreation"

Living with a roommate can sometimes get old. It’s odd spending day and night with someone who isn’t family, especially when you don’t meet them until the day you move in. Sometimes you may leave for the weekend, other times they do. Whether you’re the one staying or leaving, you will still experience the following stages of roommate withdrawal.

Getting excited to sleep in a room alone and not worry about waking up your roommate.

Waking someone up when you’re trying to be quiet is never a good start to your day.

When you realize you have a whole room to yourself.

There are no rules! No expectations!

This feeling of freedom lasts for about four Netflix episodes, and then you realize you have nothing to do.

Honestly, how did I ever live without a roommate?

So you try to keep yourself busy.

This does not work because you can’t brag about your productivity to your roommate.

You start to wish when you brushed your teeth your roommate was there to make awkward eye contact with through the mirror.

While this is usually uncomfortable for you, it sounds fairly comforting right now.

Naturally your solution is to have conversations with yourself!

We've all been there, done that.

Friends ask you to hang out, but you’re too deep in this withdrawal to even move.

I only want to hang out with my roommate and no one else, thanks.

Some may think you are being crazy.

I am an emotional wreck right now, please come back later.

You finally text your roommate and admit how hard life’s been without them.

"When do you get back again?"

The days start to look up as it gets closer to your reunion.

You got this. You can make it. Just one more day.

And you can’t stop thinking of everything you want to tell your roommate.

“The other day I got Chipotle, and they forgot to charge me for the guacamole!”

“I saw a dog twice today!”

“Pay attention to me! Procrastinate with me!”

Finally you and your roommate are together again! You either try to play it cool like it’s no big deal, and you haven’t missed them at all....

Or you show your true emotions and freak out.

Either way, you couldn’t be happier to see them and be free from roommate withdrawal!