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When I decided to live in my sorority house my sophomore year of college, all of my friends and family looked at me like I was insane. But when are you EVER going to be able to live in a gorgeous house with 30-50 other women, a chef, a cleaning lady and a house mom? That is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for some. Many don’t mind it, but some just know themselves well enough that they wouldn’t survive. 

Chef’s Food

Having the luxury of buffet lunch and full course dinner 5 days a week and not having to cook a single thing is awesome. But the reality of it, next year is going to suck having to cook up my own meals, but also it will be nice not having a brownie or ice cream sundae staring me down every night. 

Being Around Someone 24/7

Yes, you live with a huge number of girls in a small area, but the nice thing is that if you’re bored, or want to procrastinate on an assignment, there will always be at least one person to be there to do something. 

The perks of this include being able to have all of the doors open and blasting music before a football game or formal or being able to go ask a simple homework question down the hall. 

Living in the house, you get the opportunity to meet girls within your sorority that you didn’t get to know very well living outside the house. You can actually go a week or so without seeing someone you live in the same home with due to different schedules. 


Yes. We do have chores. Weekly, you are assigned to a responsibility that if you do not do you will be charged a small fine. Enough said. 

Things Go Missing More Than Expected 

GroupMe: “Has anyone seen my Lululemon leggings?” “Who ate my chicken fingers in the fridge?” or “Has anyone seen a purple hairbrush?”

This is a regular thing, daily. You just get used to it. 

For football tailgates, formals, and sorority events, clothes and earrings are shared more than you would expect, and you will never know when you are going to get them back.  

Everyone is On Different Schedules

This is the main reason why living in a sorority house is not that crazy. Since college allows everyone to have a different schedule and priorities on their plate, this allows all members in the house not to be in it at one time.  

Yes, living in a sorority can be VERY hectic at times, and yes there are a lot of small rules to follow. When you look at the broad overview of it, you are only living there for a year out of your four college years. And it is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Reality is, college is the best four years of your life. Make the most out of it. So, if you are debating on living in your sorority house in the future, take the risk. You’ll definitely have memories to share when you get older. 

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Natalie is currently a junior at The University of Iowa majoring Sport and Recreation Management. She loves to hang out with friends and family, watch Netflix, and photography! Instagram -- @natalieiacopetti Twitter -- @natalieiacopett
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