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Real Opinions On “Soulmates”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

It’s the season of love, people! The stores are overstocking their shelves with obnoxious heart candy, giant teddy bears and singing toys that never seem to stop. In addition to this, the Hallmark Channel is running so-bad-they’re-good romance movies 24/7 and jewelry commercials seem to be at an all time high. But at the root of it all is romance and companionship . . . and dare I say soulmates? Whether you believe in them or not, hate them or love them, here is what a few people have to say about those we’re apparently “destined” to meet.



I think that there is a perfect soulmate for everyone, but I believe we never (or at least almost never) meet them. Instead, we find a person who loves us and who we get along with, but they probably aren’t our soulmates. I do believe they’re out there, though.” (Female, 22)

“I think soulmates are real in the sense that you end up finding your best friend and then there’s this forever and ever feeling about them.” (Female, 63)

I believe soulmates are what you make them to be. I don’t think there’s necessarily someone waiting for us to find them, but I do know that with enough work and compassion, someone can turn into your soulmate.” (Male, 56)



“Yes, I certainly believe that soulmates exist. When you 100% love someone–through heartbreak, bad times and dreams that don’t work out–and you are still each other’s best friend in the world, I believe you are soulmates . . . together forever.” (Female, 76)

“Being in love is more than just looks and you really need to get to know a person before you decide whether or not they are right for you . . . so I think that soulmates might exist, many people find a person that is perfect for them.” (Female, 19)

“I truly believe in soulmates. I would know . . . I married her.” (Male, 76)



“With soulmates you are instantly attracted to each other because your souls align. Most of the time when people are instantly attracted to each other it’s from physical attraction. Souls have no limits, so most of the time people never meet their soulmate. Now, I truly believe you can find someone to love, but I believe these are your life partners. I have found my other half in a life partner and I couldn’t care less if I ever find my soulmate.” (Female, 20)

I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but I don’t think it really happens much. People tend to adjust a lot in relationships and I feel if that happens . . . you aren’t soulmates.” (Male, 20)

I think the belief in soulmates is just an excuse to give up hard work in a relationship. There simply needs to be a balance between being similar and being opposite. It’s all about working together and compromise.” (Female, 53)



And the award goes to . . . 


“Well, I think the Justice System has a reason for putting people together . . . . . . . wait. Did you say “cellmates” or “soulmates?” (Male, 24)



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